tnkgrl Could Teach Even Supergirl Some Things!

OQO Model 02 HSDPA mod: Part 1

As you probably know, I’m a fan of the OQO Model 02! But I’m also a fan of HSDPA…

Unfortunately, so far the Model 02 is only available with EVDO from either Sprint or Verizon, and despite getting the SERO discount two weeks ago, I was not very excited with the idea of paying another bill beyond my existing T-Mobile and Cingular at&t accounts. So what’s a girl to do? Well, just mod her Model 02 and replace EVDO with HSPDA, of course :)

And that’s exactly what I’ve done! Take a look at the pictures of my mod and keep your eyes peeled for more information soon…

She never, ever leaves her tools alone. Nothing satisfies her unless she can get at its guts and mod it. Good for her!

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