Today’s Delicious Rant


What’s the deal with all these fucking ‘Productivity’ blogs? How have we come up with an entire caste of productivity gurus, each with their own foolproof 13 step ‘how to get things done’ system? Who, more to the point, would possibly put their faith in some idiot on the internet whose only demonstrable labor is utterly useless blog posts? These people are hardly the Buckminster Fullers of our generation; their only activity is churning out omphaloskeptic, entirely self-unaware (and poorly written) drivel about how they organize their socks (and, of course, about blogging). I leave out entirely the fact that GTD and its numerous brethren are, as a rule, simplistic, ineffective, and anyway ill-suited to anything but a life whose only meat is wall-to-wall trivia and minutiae.

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