What The $800 Samsung Q1U Will Lack

– SD/MMC Slot
– Dual Cameras
– Fingerprint Scanner

You tell me: Does having those — and a previous-generation OS — justify the ~$350 difference between the $800 “back to school” special and the $1,149.00 XP version?!!?

Yeah, OK, the XP one also has 20GBs of more HD space. And the XP is the Tablet version.

But still!

Samsung, you’ve got to push these prices lower, dammit.

I guess I should be glad they’re offering an XP version. I’d still rather have XP over Vista (and, no I will not do all three trademarks this time, dammit!).

Still, I am crushed by the XP version’s price…

Update: The $800 special is also 600MHz vs 800MHz for all other models. I need to have caffeine in me before I post!

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