Yo, France. Wut Up?

Sarkozy Win Comes From Unlikely Corners

PARIS (AP) – Nicolas Sarkozy won the women’s vote and fared well among blue-collar workers, even though his rival for the French presidency was a woman and a Socialist.

It was one of the surprising subplots in Sarkozy’s resounding election victory over Segolene Royal – and shows his vision of pro-market reforms and scaling back immigration appeals to a wide audience.

Sarkozy’s ability to attract votes from a broad spectrum of the public is an early indication he may be able to overcome his image as a polarizing force and achieve crucial popular support for pushing through his ambitious program of overhauling France’s welfare system.

Official figures showed Sarkozy won France’s one-time industrial heartland in the north, which French media said had not voted for a rightist presidential candidate since Charles de Gaulle in 1965.

Sarkozy even tallied nearly 44 percent of the vote in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris, where a wave of rioting erupted in late 2005 while he was interior minister and infuriated many there by calling troublemakers “scum.”

I think Hillary is toast. She’ll either open her yap the wrong way and it’ll explode all over right-wing radio or everyone who’s nursing a grudge over The Imus Affair will remember what her kind are really like and rally against her.

France is a bellwether. Watch and see.

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