You Suckers. I Told You And Told You And Told You.

May 10, 2007

My Weird Week

I never thought I’d see the day when the lead story on was about me, but it is at the moment. As we’re reporting, I’m happily back in the role of editor in chief, a job I resigned from last week for reasons that have been widely commented on in the blogosphere.

Oh? What was that all about then? To the Wayback Machine, Sherman!

Incorruptible Editor McCracken Resigns from PC World

You see, CEO Crawford apparently told editors that their reviews and articles were too critical of the vendors—the same vendors who advertise in their magazine. Hence, the order came down that they “had to start being nicer to advertisers.”

Yeah, go on believing those who won’t call shit what it is are the “professionals.” Hey, so is any other fucking whore. You pathetic suckers.

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Oy. Apple Backsided iPod Idea Gives Me Sony CLIE Creeps.

May 10, 2007

Apple filing reveals multi-sided iPod with touch screen interface

Apple Inc. is looking to patent a design for a handheld device (or iPod) that displays its output on a small front-side display screen but receives input through a larger touch- and force-sensitive back-side interface, AppleInsider has discovered.

There’s some Patent Office drawings shown at the above link.

Apple isn’t the first company to use the back of a device for controls. Immediately I thought back to one of Sony’s final PDAs, the CLIE TH55. It positioned its vaunted JogDial controller on the back. Here’s a picture of it, with the scrolling bar right above the camera lens.

I could never get used to it, no matter how many times I fondled it in various stores.

Now Apple is considering a similar move, if this patent is an indication of their true intent.

I’m not sure if that would really be an improvement in interactive interface design.

The great thing about the current iPods is that they can be used with just one hand. It seems to me these back-controlled devices will require the use of both hands. Go on, grab your current model of iPod and hold it in landscape orientation and try imagining using a touch control on its back and its bottom. I’ve just done it. How soon do you think you’ll be going Oops! and having your blood pressure drop as your iPod drops to the ground?

Better buy that extended AppleCare with one of those!

This Is Not Dissent. This Is Just Stupid.

May 10, 2007

Rush Limbaugh billboard near I-83 defaced

I don’t like that fat eejit any more than the next thinking person, but the moron who did this should be fined for vandalism.

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How Many Times Must I Bang Upon Your Numb Skulls?
3:52 PM Today, Lower Manhattan: Gas Bomb?

How Many Times Must I Bang Upon Your Numb Skulls?

May 10, 2007

This is not a tech blog!!!

Now go read this and then this and then especially go read this.

Now shut up!

If you don’t like what you read here, stay the fuck away. I won’t miss you. Really! Your goddammed spineless sissy presence is neither a gift to this blog nor to humanity at large. You are the fucking Suits that I despise. You are the clogs in the arteries of progress. You are the enemies of individualism, you cowardly conformist impotent dicks.

Fuck off.

Samsung: You Didn’t Set A Blog Record Here

May 10, 2007

Nope. Although traffic went up as people flocked to read my Samsung Q1U Fondle, no blog record was set here.

The record still to be smashed is held by Apple’s Yellow Submarine Video iPod?

Followed by the Chinese invasion which went for my iPhony posts, which culminated with Is iPhony Illegal?

And to put this in perspective: the Samsung entry had more links than the other two combined!

Mother’s Day Gift Recommendation

May 10, 2007

Great Gifts for the Tech-Savvy or Technophobe Mom

Yeah, yeah, blahblahblah.

Give her something she’ll remember, dammit.

Give her M. Dylan Raskin’s second book!

Read this blog entry and then this entry.

Any eejit can buy a thoughtless mass-produced-in-China consumer electronics product. Show your mom you have some brains and taste!

3:52 PM Today, Lower Manhattan: Gas Bomb?

May 10, 2007

I get to Broome Street and West Broadway and the cops have two blocks on West Broadway from Broome south cordoned off. There was a package a cop described as “an aerosol cannister hooked up to a battery.” The cops had gas masks on their belts.

Of interest to the eejits who live in Nowhere, USA — aka Flyover Country — who keen to me about the “swearing” (what the fuck is that?) in this blog, I give you a verbatim caution from an NYPD officer who cleared the corner I was on:

Everyone has to get off this corner. You’re all upwind and if that thing goes off, you’re fucked.

Yeah, you former — if not current! — Mickey Mousers, come to New York City and tell that cop he was “swearing.” You can call me from the downtown holding pen as a group of guys with skin carvings talk about wanting to ventilate your tender ass.

Blogless Day

May 10, 2007

Got shit crushing me to deal with today.