You Suckers. I Told You And Told You And Told You.

My Weird Week

I never thought I’d see the day when the lead story on was about me, but it is at the moment. As we’re reporting, I’m happily back in the role of editor in chief, a job I resigned from last week for reasons that have been widely commented on in the blogosphere.

Oh? What was that all about then? To the Wayback Machine, Sherman!

Incorruptible Editor McCracken Resigns from PC World

You see, CEO Crawford apparently told editors that their reviews and articles were too critical of the vendors—the same vendors who advertise in their magazine. Hence, the order came down that they “had to start being nicer to advertisers.”

Yeah, go on believing those who won’t call shit what it is are the “professionals.” Hey, so is any other fucking whore. You pathetic suckers.

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