OK, Intel, I’m Almost Slightly Impressed

Like James Kendrick, I’m not enthusiastic about the planned Intel Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Having been deeply scarred by using Linux on The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man, I’m not eager to try it again. Plus, there are several must-have programs I use with XP that I doubt have equivalents for any flavor of Linux. Without those programs, using the Internet is like looking through a store window and not being able to buy anything.

However, tooling around the Net this morning, I finally got trapped into viewing a YouTube video demonstrating a MID.

The UI certainly is very nice. It’s what Microsoft should have given the UMPC. It’s similar to what the Pepper Pad 3 offers.

YouTube video performance looked better than what I experienced on the Samsung Q1U. But really, how long will that last? What if there’s a change to the Flash format and Flash 10 for this flavor of Linux is delayed? Or the if CPU in this particular device can’t keep up with the change? That makes it basically disposable. And if it’s going to be that, the price should reflect it. Will it?

I really, really like the size of that device, head-on. It looks to be about the size of a Sony Reader, which is what I think UMPCs should aspire to be.

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