Kenneth Eng’s Ass Is In Jail! Yeah, Baby! Thank You, Jesus!

May 11, 2007

Kenneth Eng Arrested For NYU Threats

Less than a week after Kenneth Eng — dragon enthusiast, insufferable pseudo-philosopher, furry author and racist idiot — told the Village Voice that he wanted credit for the Virginia Tech Massacre, he’s been arrested by the NYPD.


Eight hours after the executions of 32 students at Virginia Tech, Eng posted a grainy video of himself on YouTube. “Good morning, America,” says an exuberant Eng from his New York apartment, “I’d just like to say that I just read about the Virginia Tech incident and it was the funniest thing I ever read in my life.”

The video was pulled, and then reposted a week later. But now, Eng tells the Voice that he has something else to say about Cho Seung-hui’s bloody rampage in Virginia: He wants credit for it.

Eng likes to believe that his own hate-filled writings about non-Asians motivated Cho, and as far as we can tell, he’s serious. Eng also claims to “admire” Cho for the worst individual mass-murder in American history, and tells the Voice that he, at one time, planned to go on his own killing spree while he was a student at NYU, but couldn’t afford a firearm.


Eng says NYU officials were correct to be concerned about him. “Frankly, I was planning on going to NYU and going on a rampage,” he says. “The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn’t afford a gun.”

Emphasis added by me.

I said this crazy motherfucker was dangerous! I’m glad someone with legal authority now thinks so too!

–linkswipe via vosizneias via Wired News blog Table Of Malcontents

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Mrs. Peel, Steed, You’re Still Needed

May 11, 2007

‘The Avengers – Must See TV’ (2005)

Apparent transcript of a 30-minute documentary of the classic TV series, The Avengers, hosted by Joan Collins(!). Introduction in what looks like Belgian, with the transcript itself in English.

A excerpt from the documentary is also on YouTube. [Update: Gone as of June 25, 2007.]

Index of this user which has additional Avengers-related videos. [Update: Gone as of June 25, 2007.]

This website is the home of the Must See TV specials.

Very Rare Movie On YouTube: Privilege

May 11, 2007

Oh my God. Someone has put up the entire film Privilege in 14 parts. I haven’t seen this in well over a decade, maybe two. I used to own the LP soundtrack.

The user’s index of videos is here.

Privilege Part One is here.

‘Privilege’, a cruelly compelling, often brilliant film … the real star … is director Peter Watkins, only 31, who must get credit for this acidly anti-establishment film … the quasi-documentary touches he mastered on BBC money are sharply and effectively in evidence. And in his first full-length film, he shows he can use color with startling success. No doubt about it: Watkins is on his way.’ (Playboy)

‘This is a bitter, uncompromising movie, and although it isn’t quite successful it is fascinating and important. Watkins made a mistake in bringing the newsreel techniques of “The War Game” into a narrative film, where a director should be able to make his point with his story, the performances and the photography. Still the movie isn’t a failure so much as an interesting episode in the career of a director who I think will eventually be ranked with Fellini and Bergman.’ (Roger Ebert, Nov 1st, 1967)

The national cinema circuit in the UK, J. Arthur Rank, refused to show this “immoral and un-Christian picture which mocked the Church, defied authority and encouraged youth in lewd practices”. Universal Pictures withdrew the film after brief screenings in a few countries, and the film has been rarely shown since – very occasionally on TV. Universal Pictures in Hollywood even refuse to let the director rent or buy a copy of this film, even on VHS.

For more information, visit the director’s website:…

For a nice essay on the film, see:…

(I apologize for the godawful picture quality, it’s the only version of the film I got, since Universal still refuses to give this film a PROPER DVD-release… So please see this as a chance to watch this rare film!)

Did you note that final paragraph? You can’t buy this film even if you wanted to! And you wonder why I hate the Suits with all my heart?!

Remember, Firefox users, DownloadHelper is your best friend. Right click to set Preferences for Normal instead of One By One so you can get them quickly before they’re gone.

Get it before the DMCA erases it!

It All Seems So … Quaint Now

May 11, 2007

YouTube videos:

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in-depth analysis PART ONE by Rob Ager

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in-depth analysis PART TWO by Rob Ager

Very detailed psychological breakdown of Kubrick’s classic film. by Rob Ager. Please visit for more reviews and film making techniques.

Update: Both deleted from YouTube as of June 25., 2007.

You’re Two Years Too Late, You Eejits!!

May 11, 2007

DIET: Thin people may be fat inside

LONDON – If it really is what’s on the inside that counts, then a lot of thin people might be in trouble. Some doctors now think that the internal fat surrounding vital organs like the heart, liver or pancreas — invisible to the naked eye — could be as dangerous as the more obvious external fat that bulges underneath the skin.

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Blogroll Additions: Warren Ellis & Sinfest

May 11, 2007

Yeah, they seem related, don’t they?

But it’s just a coincidence that I’m sitting here thinking, “I hit Ellis’s site every damned day. And Sinfest I keep forgetting to read every damned day.”

Oh, they are related after all!

Ah! A Numbers Post!

May 11, 2007

Amazing Benefits of Rapid Mental Math

Today you can define mental math in various different ways. Some would say, memorizing times table and remembering the solutions can form the part of mental mathematics. Some would say ability to perform simple calculations in your head can be mental mathematics. The web dictionary defines mental mathematics as “Computing an exact answer without using pencil and paper or other physical aids.”

Today there are five methods available to learn and practice mental mathematics.

Lacking the Math Gene — having, in fact, the anti-Math Gene, all I can do is stare in slackjawed drooling wonder at the thrilling fun the rest of you can have with integers.

Pity me. By sending me money. Lots of it. So I can at least do some counting.

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