Samsung Q1U Simulation Video

Steve aka Chippy over at UMPC Portal has yet another video up, this one using a Samsung Q1P simulating a Q1U running at 800MHZ:

UMPC News : Samsung Q1P at 800Mhz. A Q1-Ultra simulation. Video

Again, I suggest the WMV version of the video.

This time, I must strongly disagree with Steve. As one of the Comments pointed out:

Steve, that test is far from showing how the Q1U for two reasons: I did not see you switching to 1024×600 and the Q1 does not have a 945 video chipset. I could add on top of that a few other things like that you are not running Vista and. Aero.[;)]

It’s also playing a humongous HD video very smoothly.

As I pointed out in my Samung Q1U fondle:

Eighth, I went to YouTube and played a video. It was a wee bit choppy. I’ve just played the same clip — Gerry Anderson UFO: Exposed — on this black MacBook and it was absolutely smooth. OK, this tells me that the Q1U won’t be the absolute best for video. On the MacBook, it was streaming and smooth. On the Q1U, it didn’t matter if it was streaming live or playing after I’d allowed a good portion of it to pre-load, the video just wasn’t 100% smooth. Was it bad? No. It’s acceptable. But if you are thinking of using a Q1U for video, you might have to change your plans.

So, I can’t believe his simulation is any indication of what the Q1U is like playing video simply because it contradicts my own hands-own experience playing an embedded YouTube video that wasn’t even bumped up to full screen!

Everyone will know what’s what in a few weeks as units start making their way into reviewers’ and buyers’ hands. We’ll see then if there is any difference between shipping units and the one I fondled at Samsung Experience. Personally, I doubt it.

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