Legalize Drugs? Yeah, Right.

Stopping a Kid Killer
A concoction called ‘cheese’ has led to 21 deaths in the Dallas area, and authorities worry it will spread.

May 21, 2007 issue – Nick Cannata finally seemed to be pulling his life together. A bright kid and talented artist, he had plunged into a spiral of drug use in his early teens after his parents’ divorce—marijuana, cocaine, then methamphetamine. But after attending a drug-rehab program in the fall of 2004, he seemed cheerful and motivated. By early 2005, he was doing his homework, going out with a new girl and testing drug-free. “Everything was falling into place,” says his father, Dave Cannata, who lives in Coppell, Texas, outside Dallas. Unbeknownst to Dave, however, Nick was likely taking a new, sometimes hard-to-detect drug concoction called “cheese”—a mixture of heroin and cold medication. One Saturday night in June that year, Nick, 16, came home from a party in an apparently altered state. Dave was worried, but decided to let his son sleep it off. The next day, when Nick failed to emerge from his room, Dave went in. “It was not pretty,” he recalls. “He was already gone.”

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