Cheap Is As Cheap Does, So Don’t Buy Cheap!

This is a followup post to one Steve inspired earlier: It’s Time To Stop Looking At Cheap Devices!

UMPC Reports : Goodbye RISC. UMPCPortal going x86!

Its not only the 704 that has this problem either, many of the Windows CE-based devices, even those with the very good Opera browser, have issues with either processing power, plug-in support or simply screen size. Client-side processing requirement for browsing are increasing at a pace, browser real-estate requirements are also going up and when you think about the number of plug-ins and add-ons that are being written for x86-based browsers you wonder if the RISC-based app’s are ever going to keep up. Even the browser-focused Nokia N800 isn’t up to scratch. Flash video overloads it and Ajax or JavaScript-rich pages either cant be rendered or grind the device to a halt. There really needs to be a step-change in the processing power of these low-end devices before the complete Internet experience is possible.

Emphasis added by me.

Oh, so the N800 is just the latest version of The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man after all! (Elsewhere, Steve reports on it being able to now play DiVX videos. Big Fucking Deal. That’s not what I’d first want an Internet device to do!)

When my LifeDrive is working again, of course I’m going to torment myself by trying web browsing via WiFi on it. It should drive me nuts. Then I’ll most likely stop using that part of it altogether. The LifeDrive will be my new PDA, a video player, and a pocketable text/word processor. It’s never been my intent to use it for web browsing at all.

I’m no longer looking at something cheap when it comes to being able to use the Internet. The Net has gotten just too damned big to try to shoehorn into puny-powered devices.

Yeah, Intel, I’m casting a doubtful eye your way too!

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