Offline Now

May 16, 2007

End of today’s blogging.

Things to do in the outdoors.

If this humongous thunderstorm approaching doesn’t restrict me, I might have a post while on the road to clear up a point or two in a recent entry.

Oh, So You Lot Who Write Tech Don’t Know Truth? Here’s What It Looks Like.

May 16, 2007

Dead Falwell:

Jerry Falwell was a poison, a jowly backwoods cretin who used his abilities to calmly, smilingly spin entire worlds of nutzoid damnation and spew them into the airwaves to build the illusion of an empire, all fake gossamer and cash. For the better part of four decades, his gluttonous, bovine visage befouled our television screens, slavering ratings whores of the news networks ready to lift his gargantuan belly, resting it on their heads, to fellate him for all the good quotes he could weave from cultishly mad religious fervor, always smiling, that smug fuckin’ smile of self-righteousness, of acting so God-stoned that he couldn’t wipe Christ’s blood out of his eyes. No wonder he was a man who looked like he enjoyed his pork rinds – he always had the Jesus-spliff munchies.

There’s more. Go read.

There’s hardware and software that’s as shitty as Falwell was. (Thank God for that “was”!) And there are some people who cover tech who are Falwell equivalents. You bastards. May you be run off the Net.

Hitchens Dances on Falwell’s Corpse
— I hope he was able to sterilize his feet afterwards!

After Two Grim Posts, I Turn To Bamford For A Laugh And Get One!

May 16, 2007

Do you know a total clown? [blog dead]

That’s not the funny bit. It’s the start of the trail.

Click on the link in that post. Then go read Bamford’s reply in that second post. Then click on the link he supplies there.


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I’m Beginning To Think There Isn’t A Single Tech Site That Can Be Trusted

May 16, 2007

Exhibit A:

Pepper Pad 3 gets even better

Pepper Computer has officially released version 3.1 of its Pepper Pad software. The 100MB update is available for a one-click direct download on the original Pepper Pad and Pepper Pad 3, and my god, it’s fantastic!

I read some of the pre-release notes so I knew what was in store for me when I updated, but nothing beats actually taking advantage of all the improvements. My favorite enhancement is the bevy of new keyboard shortcuts, which include the ability to get to the home screen, switch between tabs and applications, and correctly use the “Ctrl+L” function in Firefox. Some of my mild gripes about the device have been completely eliminated because of this update, and I can’t commend Pepper enough for not only listening to their customers but also giving them what they want.

Looks like the final part of my Pepper Pad 3 review, which will cover the disappointing aspects of the handheld, will be very short.

I linked to that.

In addition, I linked to the above site three times:

Pepper Pad 3 Gets Some Luv

Pepper Pad 3 Gets More Attention

Pepper Pad 3: Disappointments

So, you’d think that after all that, this Pepper Pad 3 owner would just love it, right?

Well, fucking no!

Yesterday — even though it was published earlier, I missed it — I came across this:

Exhibit B:

Pepper 3.2 released for Pepper Pad 3

Shortly after the Pepper Pad 3 (PP3) got its last software update in December, the Linux-based Web tablet I once made a fuss about began to fall out of my favor. The occasional crashes and intermittent touchscreen responsiveness always grated on my nerves, but it was when the PP3 required a complete reboot every time I wanted to go online that I began to use it less often. A device I once picked up several times daily turned into something I looked at two or three times a week.

That’s why I didn’t find out until just now that Pepper Computer released Pepper 3.2 a few days ago. Included in the software update are several new features and other enhancements (read the manifest here), but what rekindles my interest in the neglected PP3 are the wi-fi improvements: reduced disconnects, more reliable access-point connection, and automatic connection to networks with the strongest signal.

It’s too soon to tell for sure, of course, but so far it looks like things between me and the PP3 can only get better from here. I think we’re gonna be okay.

Well, fucking good for you and the Pad. But your credibility is shot with me!

Why weren’t these problems mentioned during the time they were happening? Why were readers misled into thinking everything was just peachy-fucking-keen with the Pepper Pad 3 when in reality it was so goddammed bad that you stopped using it?

This is the last straw for me. The tech world sucks. It’s filled with ass-kissers who won’t tell the truth because they want to stay on the good side of vendors. That’s bullshit. That’s cowardice. That’s selling your readers down the river. It makes your readers suckers.

It made me feel like a sucker for linking to those other posts. And I won’t stand for that shit!

From now on, I will no longer link to any fucking reviews on any tech site, period.

I’m no longer convinced any of you can be trusted, period.

If you disagree with this policy, tough shit. Let me see some truth being told, then we’ll discuss it. When I see you making a vendor need a fucking blood transfusion after the way you’ve shredded their shit, then we’ll talk. Until then, I trust none of you.