Oh, So You Lot Who Write Tech Don’t Know Truth? Here’s What It Looks Like.

Dead Falwell:

Jerry Falwell was a poison, a jowly backwoods cretin who used his abilities to calmly, smilingly spin entire worlds of nutzoid damnation and spew them into the airwaves to build the illusion of an empire, all fake gossamer and cash. For the better part of four decades, his gluttonous, bovine visage befouled our television screens, slavering ratings whores of the news networks ready to lift his gargantuan belly, resting it on their heads, to fellate him for all the good quotes he could weave from cultishly mad religious fervor, always smiling, that smug fuckin’ smile of self-righteousness, of acting so God-stoned that he couldn’t wipe Christ’s blood out of his eyes. No wonder he was a man who looked like he enjoyed his pork rinds – he always had the Jesus-spliff munchies.

There’s more. Go read.

There’s hardware and software that’s as shitty as Falwell was. (Thank God for that “was”!) And there are some people who cover tech who are Falwell equivalents. You bastards. May you be run off the Net.

Hitchens Dances on Falwell’s Corpse
— I hope he was able to sterilize his feet afterwards!

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