The Absolute Nadir Of 1970s TV

May 18, 2007

Chuck McCann called it “illustrated radio.”

He might have been generous! For dramatic radio never sounded this bad!

Prepare for the ultimate horror: Star Trek turned into a cartoon by those hacks of Filmation!!

YouTube videos:

STAR TREK CARTOON 1973 TAS “Yesteryear” PART 1
STAR TREK CARTOON 1973 TAS “Yesteryear” PART 2
STAR TREK CARTOON 1973 TAS “Yesteryear” PART 3

While we Americans were being humiliated and exploited by Filmation, over in Japan they were doing real animation:

Yuusha Raideen Opening jap
— there is more animation in those opening titles than an entire episode of the Filmation crap above!

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Rod Serling Interviewed By Mike Wallace

May 18, 2007

YouTube video:

Rod Serling – Interview Pt 1
Rod Serling – Interview Pt 2

This is an interview of Rod Serling by Mike Wallace in 1959.

One of my gods. One of the three greatest and immortal television dramatists.

In Japan, TV In The 1970s Wasn’t Much Better!

May 18, 2007

Oh my god.

Spider-Man and a giant robot!!!

Japanese SPIDERMAN / SPIDER-MAN Nipón !!!!!!!! 1978 Marvel — YouTube video

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This Is How Bad TV Was In The 1970s!

May 18, 2007

Oh my god.

From the theme. To the face of the star. To Spider-Man wearing — why? why? why? — a white belt.

The nation was rotting from drugs. And TV reflected that. The TV producers all had to be high to produce such blatant shit.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1977) – OPENING 1 — YouTube video

Twilight Zone Mashup

May 18, 2007

A Kind of Stopwatch Time Warp — YouTube video

The classic Twilight Zone episode, A Kind of Stopwatch, which originally aired on October 18, 1963, is condensed into just over 3 minutes and put to the music of Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Some Dennis Potter Links

May 18, 2007

Carpe diem

Phillip Adams’s latest column in the Weekend Australian (12 May 07) is a superb comment on the famed interview between Melvin Bragg and Dennis Potter.

Rupert, MySpace and Dennis Potter

Whenever you think of Rupert Murdoch do you almost always think of Dennis Potter?

Blossom photo — flickr

Reality or Nothing

Dennis Potter — uncyclopedia link

The Grammar School in Coleford that Dennis Potter Attended — flickr

Religious Irony and Freudian Rationalism in Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective (1986)

The Singing Detective (1986)

Potter’s works have provoked disgust in the more easily shockable segments of the British public

The truth is outrageous not Dennis Potter — flickr

Legions of the Fall

CBS’ new show, Viva Laughlin, is described as a mystery drama with music. Was anybody thinking Cop Rock when that show was first announced.

Of course they were. But I hope a few, like me, were also thinking Pennies From Heaven, the brilliant British series from Dennis Potter, perhaps the finest TV writer ever, particularly since the show is based on a British Import.

Russell T Davies Bafta Award (Presented By David Tennant) — YouTube

At this years’ BAFTAs, David Tennant, currently the lead of BBC1’s Doctor Who, presented the Dennis Potter award to ‘his boss’, scriptwriter Russell T Davies. Russell is a great writer in my opinion too! :)

Clenched Fists: The Official Dennis Potter Website
— this is a true labor of love. The person who originated it died, yet the site is kept alive.

Blogroll Addition: Serph

May 18, 2007

It’s a search engine for buzz.

It found some great stuff when I tried it.

Try it yourself.