Heather: GMA Interview Now On YouTube, Plus A Slideshow!

May 19, 2007

No, I didn’t post it. It’s another one from that exploitation filmmaker. Yet another blurry-as-hell camera-pointed-at-TV version. (Update: It’s not even that! He’s pointing a camera at the abc.com online video!)


If you missed the GMA broadcast, and if abc.com pulls down their online version, you can always look at that.

And this is just hilarious! A news site has posted a slideshow of Heather Johnston GMA images. My suspicious mind makes me think they took them from this blog, cropped them, and doubled their size (while screwing up the aspect ratio!). So, for all those who think I’ve been weirdly obsessed, hey, go look at this news site’s slideshow! See? I’m not alone. Heather, you have fans!

Update: I’ve studied those slideshow images and compared them to mine.  Nope, no way they could have taken them from here.  It’s just absolutely eerie how they chose some of the same images!

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Heather: She Set A Search Record Here!

May 19, 2007

Heather Search

On my WordPress Dashboard — the machinery of this blog that lets me see how people are getting here, what they’re reading, what links they’re clicking on, and the daily number of views (all without violating anyone’s privacy, you understand!) — the area dealing with search terms that lead to this blog was monopolized by people searching for Heather Johnston! See above screensnap.

This has never happened before in the eight months of this blog!

Even the Apple iPhone didn’t monopolize the search area, and that’s been a hot tech topic.

Right now, although traffic hit a record here yesterday, Heather doesn’t hold the top spot for spiking readership in one day. I probably won’t be able to figure it out til Monday or even Tuesday, but the traffic for Heather is easily in the top 4 spikes.

Personally, I’m pleased to see she generated more interest than the latest hot tech topic: the Samsung Q1U UMPC.

Yesterday’s Heather post was done in a huge rush (I was already late for something; that made me even later!) and it probably shows. I might post my reaction to her appearance on GMA on Monday.

I didn’t intend to post at all this weekend, but I thought this important enough to steal time for it.

I hope you’re doing well, Heather! You apparently have a lot of fans out there! Chin up. And keep smiling! We’re all rooting for you.

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