David Bamford Cracks Me Up!

May 21, 2007

Oh, that naughty, naught guy! [blog dead]

Go laugh!

I have to say it: Not Safe For Work, Christians or Other Children. Sorry, Bamford.

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LifeDrive Notes: Mac OS X & Drive Mode

May 21, 2007

USB Hard drive support under Mac OS X

I’m reaching out to your Mac OS X + Palm users here in order for some help. Just before I got my first LifeDrive, I moved over to Mac OS X as my desktop OS of choice. The LifeDrive never worked absolutely flawlessly with the Powerbook but it worked well enough to get my work done. […] That lasted until the update to Mac OS 10.4.9.

Someday I might have a Mac. Future reference…

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If She Does Not Become A Writer, It Will Be A Crime!

May 21, 2007

This girl is just seventeen. The way she can use words just stuns me.

This moving business has got me thinking again. No surprise.

So, here’s me… Hoping almost desperately (but not quite) that the promise of never seeing me again after my departure sparks this insatiable urgency within you. One so powerful that it causes your heart to rupture and spill over into the rushing rivers of my veins. One so determined that it inspires a movement within your soul. The kind of movement that expels only adoration and genuinity. Here’s me… Sitting, typing, thinking, musing, reading… Because I hope you’ll realize what you’re losing.

I could barely comprehend what I was reading at that age, and here she is doing this!

That’s why she’s in my blogroll.

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LifeDrive Notes: New Palm Bluetooth Keyboard

May 21, 2007

Palm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


* Treo 650
* Treo 680
* Treo 700p
* Treo 700w
* Treo 700wx
* Treo 750
* Tungsten E2
* T|X

Why not the LifeDrive?!!?

I already have the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard, but I’m always open to trying new things. Why don’t you want my money?! What’s wrong with you, Palm?!!?

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How About Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty It’s All Free At last?

May 21, 2007

My Next Book: “FREE”

Here are some of the subtitles I’ve been kicking around:

You Always Do These Things Behind My Back!

May 21, 2007

When I wasn’t looking, the counter went over 120,000 views of this blog.

In fact, it’s moving towards 121,000!

And to think just yesterday I was celebrating a mere 10,000!

I’d thank you, but you know what an ingrate I am!

Hey, Mickey Mouse Will Lobby For It!

May 21, 2007

Arguing For Infinite Copyright… Using Copied Ideas And A Near Total Misunderstanding Of Property

Well, well, well. I don’t think we’ve ever had a single story submitted to us more often than Mark Helprin’s opinion piece in the NY Times over the weekend, trying (and failing) to support the idea that copyright deserves to last forever and be passed on from descendant to descendant. Before getting into the details of why he’s wrong (and confused), I should note that it certainly is interesting that just as a new “copyright alliance” has formed to push for stronger copyright laws, we start seeing articles like this one and others pushing the argument for stronger copyright and patent laws to extreme positions. A conspiracy-minded person might suggest that this is no coincidence, and that the best way to get stronger copyright and patent laws passed is to first get people arguing about ridiculously strong laws, and then get them to agree to “lesser” changes that are still much stronger than what we have today.

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Disney: Our Terrorist Mouse Is Better Than Their Terrorist Mouse Anyway

May 21, 2007

Disney Explains Reaction to Hamas Show

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) – The Walt Disney Co. didn’t speak out when Hamas militants used a Mickey Mouse look-alike to preach Islamic domination because the company felt it would be ineffective, Disney’s chief executive said Monday.

Disney CEO Robert Iger said he and other executives considered ways to react to the recent Hamas show for children that featured someone dressed in what appeared to be a Mickey Mouse costume, railing against Israel and the United States in a high-pitched cartoonish voice.

“We didn’t mobilize our forces and seek to either have the clip taken down or to make any broad public statement about it,” Iger told a gathering of the Society of Business Editors and Writers at the Disneyland Hotel.

“We were appalled by the use of our character to disseminate that kind of message,” he said “I think anytime any group seeks to exploit children in that manner, it’s despicable.”

Yeah, but it’s just peachy-keen for you to exploit children to fund your subversion of the Copyright law and the destruction of the traditional public domain!

I hope they also rip off Minnie — and make her wear a burka!

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Yippee! A Numbers Post!

May 21, 2007

A mighty number falls
Mathematicians and number buffs have their records. And today, an international team has broken a long-standing one in an impressive feat of calculation.

On March 6, computer clusters from three institutions – the EPFL, the University of Bonn and NTT in Japan — reached the end of eleven months of strenuous calculation, churning out the prime factors of a well-known, hard-to-factor number that is a whopping 307 digits long.

“This is the largest ‘special’ hard-to-factor number factored to date,” explains EPFL cryptology professor Arjen Lenstra. (The number is ‘special’ because it has a special mathematical form — it is close to a power of two.) The news of this feat will grab the attention of information security experts and may eventually lead to changes in encryption techniques.

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When Your Child Dies, Remember To Thank Your Republican-Voting God For The Free Market!

May 21, 2007

Chinese Poison Train Declared Unstoppable: Next Stop, You!

Poison toothpaste, killer cough-syrup, and tainted pet food are the tip of the disgusting iceberg of yuck heading our way from China. Over the past four months, the FDA has rejected 298 shipments from China that included “filthy” fruits, cancer-causing shrimp, and “poisonous” swordfish.

Rejected items often reappear at U.S. ports several times; importers gamble that the FDA, which only inspects 1% of regulated imports, won’t catch them in the act. Their slip-ups are detailed in stomach-wrenching refusal reports filed by the FDA.

Our puny food safety laws are no match for the wiles of Chinese importers. Federal law only allows the import of meat from foreign factories that have been certified to match domestic safety standards. Since no Chinese factories are currently certified, crafty Chinese meat smugglers simply send us their meat labeled as something else.


Last year the USDA began to legalize the import of Chinese meat. Chickens can now be grown in the U.S., slaughtered in the U.S., shipped to China for “processing,” and then shipped back to the U.S. for human consumption. The rule was approved last April, coincidentally, the day before Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived on a state visit to Washington.

How long before some kids die from bad Chicken McNuggets?

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