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Blond Regrets — scroll down for a brief paragraph

Stupidity Has No Limits

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Barbie Bandits are back! Well, in interview form, anyway. Heather Johnston, one of the two women, appeared on an interview with Good Morning America aired this past Friday to…um…sound progressively stupider, it would seem.

Ann’s Blog on the Barbie Bandits

So get this…we’ve got two idiotic girls making headlines from Acworth, Georgia. The story goes a little something like this.

‘Barbie Bandit’ & Mom – Genetic Bradults?

Here we go again. The next installment of ‘Barbie Bandit’ insanity hits the airwaves. Remember the story of the so-called teenage ‘Barbie Bandits,’ Heather Johnston and Ashley Miller? They robbed a bank while laughing, acting like a couple of airheads, thinking it was fun. I posted a blog entry about it some time back.

Barbie Bandits

Stripper versions of Robin Hood.

Beyond Stupid!

Ok…so I am checking CNN.com seeing what is going on in the world. And unfortunately in America, we have nothing but idiots!

The Saga of the Barbie Bandits!

I think this is a fascinating story: Ashley Miller (the worse of the bad girls) pairs with Heather Johnston–a straight A, HOPE scholarship winner! They drop out of the college scene, start stripping, and do a bunch of drugs.

Barbie Bandit – It Was a Joke

Hopefully these dumb kids will have learned their lesson and without having to do a lot of hard time, as long term relationships with the “dykes of cellblock d” will not be a joking matter…

Barbie Bandits Say it Was an Inside Job

Anyone who’s watched Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, or Thirty-Seven knows that it takes a deft combination of razor-sharp wit, impeccable timing, and professional skill in order to pull off a successful heist.

Which is probably why the bank-robbing Barbie Bandits got caught quicker than you can say, “My address is Whispering Oaks, Lot 37, cinder block 14.”

Barbie Bandit Says Robbery Began ‘as a Joke’

Two blonde bombshells dubbed the “Barbie Bandits” shocked the nation when they burst into a Georgia bank and allegedly tried to rob it earlier this year.

I Need Tits

Remember the “Barbie Bandits”? The two young chicks who robbed a Bank of America while both were made up like Paris Hilton?

That last guy is a crank. Hey, you, I’m the True Cranky Bastard Of The Internet! Find your own gig.

International fame:
Barbie-røver: Det var bare for sjov
19-årige Heather Johnston fortæller for første gang om sit tåbelige bankrøveri, der gav hende øgenavnet ‘barbie-banditten’

For those who missed the original GMA airing, AOL has a better version of the online video than the abc.com site. This one is larger, though pixelated, and offers fullscreen viewing. Click here for it.

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