Don’t Give Money To Restore Old Movies!

Scorsese launches foundation to preserve old films

The maker of classics including “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull” and “Mean Streets,” who finally won an Oscar this year for “The Departed,” said it was too late for many old films.

“In America, we know that 90 percent of all silent films are now gone. We know that all American films made before 1950 are gone, nothing exists.”

Tough shit.

Let’s get this clear: These are corporate assets.

How many times has the MPAA drummed that into our heads?

If you want money from the public to restore any movie, that movie should be assigned to the public domain, period.

Until then, they can fucking rot!

And if you don’t like that idea, then haul the asses of the motion picture industry into Congressional hearings to demand why they are letting our popular culture rot. Where are the stockholders to demand that corporate assets not be wasted?

You can’t have it both ways: Either movies belong to the studios, in which case they spend their money to protect their wealth — or we legislate that any movie that’s near extinction be confiscated and nationalized into the public domain.

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