They Are Determined To Hijack Your PC!

BitTorrent Malware Spreads to Media Players
When someone or something becomes a huge success, inevitably some people want a piece of that and try to cash in. The BitTorrent scene is no exception and in recent months we have reported on a raft of torrent clients hitting the internet, each installing malware on unsuspecting user’s PC’s. Sadly this disease is now spreading to their latest tool; malware-infected media players.

We have regularly reported on BitTorrent clients which also install malware such as Torrent101, BitRoll, TorrentQ and GetTorrent and have done our very best to let people know about the dangers of using such a product.

Unfortunately, as fast as we report such things, the malware peddlers can create yet another and another and another bad client with new names, but carrying the same bad story. However, these guys are very determined to get software such as CIDHELP on your machine, ready to watch your activities and to this end have become quite creative. Recently BitTorrent users are reporting that they have downloaded various pieces of video (usually a TV show) only to be confronted with a message during the first few seconds of the video which advises them to download a new media player called 3wPlayer, in order to view the rest of the file.

I’m glad I don’t have the bloody time to be adventurous and try out new software. I tend to stick with what most everyone else has used. So far I’ve been free of malware. (I think!)

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