YouTube: Batman Returns

May 23, 2007

My absolutely favorite bit in that otherwise sorry sequel.

Goddam, it still sends chills up and down my spine!!

batman returns clip [DMCA takedown]

A melancholic, purposeless, and brooding Bruce Wayne summoned back to life!

Absolutely marvelous!!

YouTube: The Equalizer

May 23, 2007

Oh how I loved that show!

The Equalizer Tv show Intro featuring Stewart Copeland‘s wonderful theme! And, yes, the NYC subway did look exactly like that at the time!

A tribute to Robert McCall, (aka “THE EQUALIZER”)

This is my tribute to the 1980s badass character, Robert McCall, better known as “THE EQUALIZER”.

When I did my Atari 7800 commercial, I had a lot of people asking me where the song I used came from. The tune was the theme to THE EQUALIZER, an action series on CBS during the latter half of the 1980s. The tune was penned by Stewart Copeland, the drummer for THE POLICE.

The Equalizer was interesting in that it featured a lead character in his mid-fifties.

Robert McCall was a retired secret agent who wanted to correct his past sins by helping people in trouble. If you happened to be a villain causing trouble for someone that McCall was protecting, watch out. He may have been over fifty, but that didn’t stop him from being one of the toughest characters on television.

The lead role was played by Edward Woodward, who was fantastic in making you believe that this “old guy” could easily and efficiently dispatch of opponents who crossed his path.

This is a little montage I put together of great “Robert McCall” clips.

Wow. I don’t remember him being so violent. Memory fades!

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May 23, 2007


YouTube: The Other TV

May 23, 2007

Not been blogging today because I’ve been ripping from YouTube.

My God!

Just the Japanese and Korean stuff alone gives me a reason never to watch American TV. If just for the reason that I wouldn’t have time!

I know there’s also British stuff there. But I’m afraid to look.

I’m being drowned just by the Japanese and Koreans!

YouTube: JDrama And Two Movies

May 23, 2007

Movie: 200 Pound Beauty, subtitled in English, in 12 parts. [Update: Gone as of June 25, 2007.]

Movie: Kyu Sakamoto Monogatari, not subtitled (they’re working on it), in 12 parts. Additional: Ue wo Muite Arukou~Sakamoto Kyu Monogatari (wikipedia).

Japanese Dorama: Koukou Kyoushi (High School Teacher), subtitled, 11 episodes each sliced into six parts.

YouTube: Afterworld

May 23, 2007

An ambitious CG series that posits 99% of humanity is missing and all electrical-based technology is dead.

I lasted three of the episodes before bailing. I wanted to bail after episode 2, but decided to give it one more shot.

Maybe you’ll have better luck.

I couldn’t stand the atrocious writing. At least it has professional voices, music, and sound. The CG looks like slideshow machinima.

YouTube user index.

Afterworld website (which is all Flash-based and is slow even on broadband to initially load!).