LifeDrive Notes: The Kobayashi Maru Solution (Part One)

Ah, grasshopper. It is time for you to learn a lesson today.

Having failed in my first attempt and second attempt to get my bought-dead-on-ebay LifeDrive working, I was presented with a Kobayashi Maru situation.

First, you will view this YouTube clip: Kobayashi Maru

Second, you will read this; it is the follow-up scene from the above:


Kirk rounds the corner and sees Spock, leaning against the wall.

KIRK (dry): Aren’t you dead?

Spock almost smiles.

KIRK (continuing): I assume you’re loitering around here to learn what efficiency rating I plan to give to your cadets.

SPOCK: I am considerably curious.

They walk together.

KIRK: They destroyed the simulator room and you with it.

SPOCK: The Kobayashi Maru scenario frequently wreaks havoc with students and equipment. (dry) As I recall you took the test three times yourself. Your final solution was, shall we say, unique?

KIRK (solemn): It had the virtue of never having been tried.

I think the same could be said of my LifeDrive solution too. At the very least, I’ve never seen anyone else do it. Had they done so, it would have been blared all over the Internet.

Now — yes, this is being blogged live! — it is time for me to see if my solution has been a success.

Be back soon.

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