LifeDrive Notes: The Kobayashi Maru Solution (Part Three)

To continue that excerpt from the script of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan:

Kirk looks at Bones, who smiles –

BONES: Lieutenant, you are looking at the only Starfleet cadet who ever beat the no-win scenario –


KIRK: I reprogrammed the simulation so it was possible to rescue the ship.


DAVID (laughs): He cheated!

KIRK: I changed the conditions of the test. I got a commendation for original thinking. (pause) I don’t like to lose.

Well, Kirk, neither do I!

That’s why I said the hell with all that dicking around with Linux and trying to coax an obviously dead MicroDrive back to life.

So I found someone who’d do it for me!

That’s right. Like Kirk, I cheated!

Found a guy who repairs Palms and he put the OS on a 4GB CF for me for a small fee.

I now have a just-about brand-new near-mint condition Palm LifeDrive for just about US$100!

Yep, it works! It’s alive!

When it got sufficient juice in its battery, on its own it went into a Secure Erase mode while I wasn’t looking! I caught it near the finish of that. After it went through all that, then the Palm logo appeared and then the screen calibration. After another soft reset and setting up Date & Time, I got the Home screen!

Hahahahaha! Palm, I beat you! I never had to pay $500 or suffer through MicroDrive lag or MicroDrive failure!

I’m going to let the battery charge over night. Then I have to open it up again. The stylus silo is too tight. I have to adjust the innards a bit to fix that.

Then I’ll review all my past LifeDrive Notes here and start getting the latest versions of all the software I want to test.

I just cheated again. On all of you! Instead of posting this right after the success, I did some testing. Popped in an SD I had all prepared with some MP3s, videos, and TCPMP.

Damn, it all worked great! What shocked me is that TCPMP and the LifeDrive could play an XvID AVI file that was encoded at HD resolution! It skipped a wee bit, but this is still better than my prior desktop PC which could only show such files more or less as a slideshow!

Headphone sound was fantastic too!

All seems to work as it should. Even the screen rotation button!

More to come later on…

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