YouTube: The Champions 1960s Classic British TV

I loved this series so much that when the only way to see it was on a Spanish UHF TV station — dubbed in Spanish! — I tuned into watch! (And, no, I don’t understand any Spanish!)

The Champions: Titles + Clip

A classic title sequence followed by Craig, Sharron and Richard trying to explore the limits of their powers. From the 60s classic The Champions

The Champions – Introduction

The opening narration to the 60s show The Champions. From the episode “The Interrogation”

The Champions: Happening

From the 60s classic, The Champions. Richard remembers how to use his powers at a vital moment

Stuart Damon – Champions Reunited

Long before ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ there were ‘The Champions’.
Stuart has a reunion with his old Champion buddies at the General Hospital Studios in 2006.
Short extract.

That ends too soon!

An entire episode is also available! It begins with The Champions – The Invisible Man (part 1 of 5)

2nd Episode of the Classic 1968 cult TV series. Guest appearance by Peter Wyngarde (AKA Jason Mudguard) as the evil doctor

The Champions is available on DVD! If you like what you see here, go buy it!


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