Heather: You’re Babe Of The Week!

First, one guy thinks the entire caper was “priceless”:

This is just…priceless

Before you ask, yeah, they were both blonds.

And then your latest honor:

Babe of the Week: Heather Johnston [Update: dead link]

This week’s hottie has a lot of attitude, and it can certainly be said of her that she has guts, even if she doesn’t exactly think things through before she does them.

This week’s choice is also a departure from the “norm”, because she is not a celebrity, unlike the previous choices.

Heather Johnston, 20, is from Georgia, and she is also one of the infamous “Barbie Bandits”, who allegedly robbed a Bank of America branch where a friend worked. They had, as she put it, an “inside man”. I dunno; it wouldn’t be a bad thing to be the man “inside” her.

And the name of the Non-Existent Heather Johnston Fan Club has had a name change. It’s now the Secret Society of Heather. Members greet each other with the secret password: SSH! (This also neatly ties in with the Girls Don’t Cry song, That’s The Sound, which opens with Ssh! We will be holding a vote to see if that should be the Official Heather Song… although some members want it to be Step On Out.)

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