LifeDrive Notes: Open Thread For Comments!

Right. This thread will permit Comments.

And you don’t have to register to post!

Posts probably won’t be moderated until after I see them (that’s what happened last time).

But don’t pull any shit. Your snarkiness will be gone when I see it, so be good.

So post Comments, Suggestions, Questions related to the LifeDrive only.

If you want to be helpful, tell me where the hell I should put .FLV files on my SD so that the Dmitry-modded Flash Player can see and play them. I’d like to see what straight-from-YouTube vids play like.

Obey the sign.

5 Responses to LifeDrive Notes: Open Thread For Comments!

  1. Mike Cane says:

    Testing. If I can see this, they’re unmoderated.

    God save us…

  2. Just curious, how does one “pull” shit? From my understanding shit is a substance to be shoveled, spewed, buried, spread, and otherwise layered across surfaces. But pull? It would fall apart in my hands.

    No if you’ll excuse me I have to see a man about a sack of…oh, never mind. ;-)

    Have great weekend, Mike, you old building and loan.

  3. Mike Cane says:

    Hey, you crank! I finally upgrade and you come here to pee? If it was anyone else, I’d nuke your comment. As it is, I’ll leave it because it has your real name. You’ll never live this down as your debut on my blog!


    Evil Blog Master

  4. lifedrivedoc says:


    Usually, I will send through bluetooth to the telephone. It is a lot better than trying to use wifi. Wifi on the Lifedrive is really all about keeping up appearances. You can surf the web for about 15 minutes before the battery dies. Additionally, using Blazer for any length of time will cause a reset.

    Awaiting May 30th. Perhaps all of our questions will be answered….


  5. mikecane says:

    I have a Thiefone — er, Tracfone prepaid basic mono-screen Nokia(!!!) phone. No Bluetooth. No data. Barely voice and SMS!

    That’d be what an iPhone would be for.

    But if I had an iPhone, I’d probably stop using the LifeDrive. (Well, maybe; let’s see what iPhone’s PIMs are like!)

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