LifeDrive Notes: Two Quick Erases!

Tried to get my old TE Memos DB onto the LifeDrive via HotSync.

After 45 minutes and seeing no HD activity on the PC side, I aborted. Had to pull the USB cord!

HotSync log stated that I had probably filled the LifeDrive’s memory! It further reported that it couldn’t send over 3 of the gobs of Memos.

It could be so!

I just went to Info on the LifeDrive: 54.9MB free.

My Memos DB? Close to 64MB!!


I will have to do some deletions on the desktop before I can shift everything over.

In the meantime, let me see if I can just get Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks sent over for a start!

Later: Yes, that went well. But when I tried to install some files, Memos tried to Sync again and messed up everything. I’ve just set Memos sync action to Do Nothing as Default. That should keep me out of further trouble until I go through my near-2,000 Memos with a machete next week!

Even without a spinning hard drive in it, this LifeDrive gets hot while HotSyncing. They didn’t have to make hardware that’d take the sync trademark literally!!

Here I am, a veteran Palm user and I’m getting tripped up.

Can you imagine the frustration of those who aren’t tech-savvy to this? They’d fling it out the window (OK, return it for a refund!). I believe it’s this crap that has sent Palm’s marketshare into freefall.

For God’s sake, why is it ten years later and there’s no Progress Bar in HotSync?

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