Resistance Is Futile: The Borg Stole It From Gerry Anderson!

Ho, ho, ho!

So all of you going around with what you think is a Borg slogan — Resistance is futile! — you’re mouthing a key line from an episode of Space:1999 called The Dorcons!

Don’t believe me?

It’s right in this YouTube clip! Fast-forward to 1:55. And just as the Borg were the most feared adversary in the Star Trek universe, so were the Dorcons!

Script by Johnny Byrne. (Now, did he write that line or did Fred Freiberger insert it?)

I bet that line stuck in the head of writer Michael Piller and manifested itself — perhaps unconsciously — in the heat of scripting. He had to have watched Space:1999.

Gerry Anderson inspired many, many people.

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