LifeDrive Notes: Typed On A LifeDrive

This was typed on the LifeDrive itself using the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard (that’s the IR one).

Unfortunately, I’ll have to send it via the desktop PC. WiFi will not work at the Winter Garden.

1) It takes about fifty (long!) seconds for Blazer to load. Contrast this to The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man, which usually takes about ten seconds to finish loading its onboard Home page (when it does it! Sometimes I need to flush the cache, close Opera, then reload it!). And I used to think those ten seconds were slow! Silly, stupid eejit me!

2) The Winter Garden has begun to send a Certificate to establish a connection. I don’t think Blazer can deal with this. It just sits there endlessly, doing nothing.

3) I tried a roundabout method of posting to this blog. Creating a Palm DOC in MiniWrite 7.0 (as this has been done) and putting it on the RS-MMC of the Nokia 770 to open it in its Notes program. Surprise! The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man only recognizes the filename! So my test DOC titled testblog opened as that sole word in the Note! None of the actual text showed up.

I wasn’t counting on the LifeDrive for WiFi (thank God!), but this unnatural combo of LifeDrive/Nokia 770 has only emphasized the point I made in this post. There are too many Gotchas! when counting on cheap stuff. Stick to standards! Pay more to save wear and tear on your very soul!

All of this also makes me wonder about WiFi on the iPhone. Can it handle the Certificate the Winter Garden is now sending? (Hello, Apple! Send someone from your New York City office to investigate!)

As for the LifeDrive itself…

I beamed over, Event by Event, about 7 months of Calendar data yesterday from the CLIE (there’s no easy way to merge Calendars). The way I have my Calendar set up, each day has an Untimed Event titled Today’s Events xx/xx/xx that has a Memo attached to it in which I record anything significant that transpired on that day. These Memos contain years of data, but none of them are more than 1-2K tops.

Well, using them yesterday, in cleaning up the beam over, it was taking about five seconds to open such a Memo and about six seconds to close it!

That has not Happiness!

Shortly after that, I suffered a freeze-up using TCPMP and had to Reset. Opening and Closing the same Memos was then instant. No, I have no idea what caused the slowdown. Maybe it has something to do with the cache or heap? It’s too early for me to start investigating fixes of that sort. Let me see what happens when I get my approximately 2,000 Memos over.

That great battery life I mentioned in a previous post seems to have been a fluke. Or else my small tests of WiFi really chews up the battery like mad!

I can see that using IR like this also takes it toll on the battery.

That’s the end of this dispatch. More as I continue setting it up…

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