AppleTV Gets Trashed, iPhone Next?

The trouble with Apple TV
Steve Jobs’ latest is a dud – and that speaks volumes, says Fortune’s Brent Schlender.

Wow. This is just shocking:

Take Apple TV, the $300 set-top box that Jobs unveiled last October and that finally started shipping in at the end of February, several weeks late. You don’t see many ads for it on TV, even though Apple is blitzing the airwaves with iPod and iMac spots, and after living with one for the past few weeks, I think I see why. It’s just not very good. It’s about as uninspired as another prominent dud, the Zune, the MP3 player Microsoft launched last year. In fact, the Apple TV is so Zune-like, you’d think Jobs was so busy with the iPhone that he outsourced the Apple TV project to the folks up in Redmond.

As for the iPhone:

So it really makes you wonder whether the iPhone, when it finally arrives next month, will be clunky and misguided despite its gorgeousness and slick user interface. Apple could turn off customers if the pricey device can’t really do what it promises because of little gotchas like insufficient bandwidth or short battery life or an unusable virtual keyboard.

Now that I have a LifeDrive, I have a perfect excuse not to be one of the early adopters of the iPhone. I have my hands full with the LifeDrive and don’t need another headache so soon.

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