AppleTV Gets Trashed, iPhone Next?

May 30, 2007

The trouble with Apple TV
Steve Jobs’ latest is a dud – and that speaks volumes, says Fortune’s Brent Schlender.

Wow. This is just shocking:

Take Apple TV, the $300 set-top box that Jobs unveiled last October and that finally started shipping in at the end of February, several weeks late. You don’t see many ads for it on TV, even though Apple is blitzing the airwaves with iPod and iMac spots, and after living with one for the past few weeks, I think I see why. It’s just not very good. It’s about as uninspired as another prominent dud, the Zune, the MP3 player Microsoft launched last year. In fact, the Apple TV is so Zune-like, you’d think Jobs was so busy with the iPhone that he outsourced the Apple TV project to the folks up in Redmond.

As for the iPhone:

So it really makes you wonder whether the iPhone, when it finally arrives next month, will be clunky and misguided despite its gorgeousness and slick user interface. Apple could turn off customers if the pricey device can’t really do what it promises because of little gotchas like insufficient bandwidth or short battery life or an unusable virtual keyboard.

Now that I have a LifeDrive, I have a perfect excuse not to be one of the early adopters of the iPhone. I have my hands full with the LifeDrive and don’t need another headache so soon.

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I Never Saw This Mentioned In Predictions Of The 21st Century

May 30, 2007

Laptops are crippling millions with back problems
Last updated at 08:03am on 30th May 2007

Booming sales of laptops have led to a surge in the number of computer users with back and muscle problems, experts have warned.

Girls as young as 12 are being diagnosed with nerve damage caused by slouching over screens, a group of leading chiropractors said.


“I also see many people in their twenties and thirties with a dowager’s hump – a rounding at the base of the neck – after only a few years of looking down at a small screen while sitting slumped on a chair for long periods.”

Hey, that’s called Writer’s Hump where I hail from.

Next year’s headline:
Palmtop PCs Leading Cause Of Eyestrain

I Don’t Know Where To Link So Just Go And Scroll Down

May 30, 2007

Table of Malcontents

I mean, really, how could I choose among:

* Topps’ Hollywood Zombies
* The Design of the Nazi Triangle
* Insanely Detailed Map of Star Trek’s Planets
* Removing Half The Brain Works Better Than You’d Think

Just go and scroll down.

It’s one amazing, wonderful thing after another.

I’m left, stunned, like the Joker in Batman, who asked, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

Keep Watching The Skies!

May 30, 2007

Report confirms terror dry run

“Agency management was not only covering up numerous probes and dry-run encounters from Congress and other federal law-enforcement agencies, it was also hiding these incidents from their own flying air marshals,” said P. Jeffrey Black, an air marshal stationed in Las Vegas.


“What is disturbing to us as pilots is that there are now a number of incidents like this taking place across our industry and the vast majority of our flights are still defenseless,” said Captain David Mackett, president of the Airline Pilots Security Alliance.

“If I were a member of Congress, I’d be asking some hard questions about why such a small percentage of flights have armed pilots or air marshals aboard, while the TSA whistles past the graveyard, asking us to believe none of this is related to terrorism,” Mr. Mackett said.

Terrorists will succeed not because they are brilliant and cunning. (They generally aren’t!)

It’s because the people who are entrusted with keeping us alive are so fucking stupid.

Case in point:

Bush FU
No, officer, I’m not drunk. Yes, I can touch my nose.

The Man Likes Free When It’s Your Free

May 30, 2007

Or: All Your Content Should Be Free To Me.

Another dumb idea from Corporate Television as it flails in the electronic tar pit of extinction.

Die Mammothmedia die.

Things I Never Heard Of Before And Wish I’d Never Heard Of Now

May 30, 2007

As usual, it all begins with Warren Ellis: LiveJournal Deletes Hundreds Of “Paedophile” Sites

That led me to the LiveJournal site, where I encountered this sentence in the comments:

I love non-con sex in fiction, do they really think I’m disturbed enough to like non-con interaction in real life? OMG. Poor fans of shota, I don’t envy them.




Urban Dictionary clears up non-con.

Wikipedia defines shota.

Ah, nothing like a ballpeen hammer impact to the brain to start the day off with the proper perspective.

Get me off this fucking planet.

LifeDrive Notes: It Slept Well

May 30, 2007

I guess night before last it had a nightmare!

Last night it must have slept well.

Woke up to find it with the battery still charged where I left it before going to sleep.

This is good.

Comment in the LifeDrive thread.

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