Here Come The News CopyNazis!

AP steps up online copyright protection

“What we are trying to say is that if someone wants to use our news, they have to pay for it,” Kasi said in an interview.

Yeah, well, line me up against the wall to get shot first.

I have many (well, OK, then: many, many, many, many!!!) photos of Heather here taken by other sources. I believe that in every instance I have linked back to the original source.

As for my taken-by-me original photos here, I will kill the AP if they copy them for free!

That’s a joke, son.

This is the Internet, dammit. As long as someone isn’t taking something to profit from it, let the linking and copying flow and keep Fair Use alive. I mean, really, how many of the copies do you think will be around in three years? Five years? Ten? Only the original sources will remain.

All of which reminds me that I must put in my will that this blog gets deleted upon my death. (That’s right, baby. I found a way to take it with me after all! See y’all in Hell!)

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