LifeDrive Notes: ~100MB Videos In LifeDrive

Once I discovered TCPMP could indeed see the LifeDrive partition, I spent two hours last night viewing and renaming video clips ripped from YouTube that I wanted to take up permanent residency in the LifeDrive itself.

After that bit, I decided to be stupid (I won’t let myself off by saving I was being adventurous; it was stupid!). I used Filez (not the built-in Files) to Move (right: Move, not Copy!) the vids from the SD to the innards of the LifeDrive.

Some of you are already laughing.

It took eleven minutes!

Eleven minutes that I wondered how much of the battery was being chewed up. Eleven minutes during which I had no idea if it’d take three, five, or thirty minutes to accomplish. This time element is important because I was not home and not near AC!

Surprisingly, the battery did not seem to take a big hit!

But next time I will use Copy. Then Delete.

Playing them from inside the LifeDrive, the orange light blinks a few seconds, then stops. If I recall correctly, with the MicroDrive the orange light blinks the entire length of a video.

WordPress is hiccuping while I do this. Better publish it while I can!

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