RealNetworks Tries For Relevancy Again. Might Succeed.

Oy, the techvoid is buzzing with news Real just delivered: a new player that will allow video ripping from sites.

Like YouTube.

Well, I already use Download Helper. It’s integrated into Firefox via plug-in. It works very well.

And I can play the clips in vlc just fine. And vlc loads fast. And vlc has a reputation of not reporting what I play to some goddammed unknown server for unknown reasons — as Real’s (now-prior) player seemed to do.

What might make the Real software a must-have is if it can really get into the news sites that gave me problems when I was gathering video clips about Heather. If it can help me bypass having to go through that torment again, I’ll use it and report about it.

NewTeeVee’s coverage.

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