June 2007 Contents

June 30, 2007

June 2007 Contents

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June 2007 subhead: Why Give Up? Why Give In?

May 2007 Contents

Ach, I Screwed Myself By Being Late!
LifeDrive Notes: No Joy With Flash Player
Cupid: Marvelous Dialogue
LifeDrive Notes: Hand Me That Machete, Watson
Quote Of The Day
Hilarious Sitcom Line (From India!)
LifeDrive Notes: Should Palm’s Software Engineers Be Beaten With A Spiked Bat Or Tied Up Together And Dumped In The Ocean From 30,000 Feet?
On This Date In Tech History: 2004, CLIE Gets Axed
Oh. My. God. It’s June!!!
No Blog Weekend
LifeDrive Notes: Utter Madness
YouTube: Holmes, XL5, Night Gallery, More
Get Off My Tits!
LifeDrive Notes: Memos Progress!
Oh. Pity The Poor Smutmeisters!
LifeDrive Notes: The Changing Of The Guard
No More Blogging Til Monday
YouTube: GI Joe 100-Episode Epic!
Yeah, Well, I Had To Send Some Emails…
LifeDrive Notes: Unfun
Prediction: Palm To Drop All Handhelds
Oh Look At This! My Apple-YouTube Prediction Will Come True!
New York City: The iPhone Queue Club?
Another Prediction Comes True: Mac Widgets To iPhone
Oh My God! What Did We Buy?!!?
Reference: Mozilla Plugin Support on MacOS X
YouTube: Sherlock Holmes
YouTube: Come, Let It Eat Your Brain Too!
YouTube: The Final Option
LifeDrive Notes: Video Flood!
Wired: You Bastards!
What Do You Women Want?!!? What?! What?!!?
Scalzi Seems To Be A Bit Upset, He Do
If FSJ Says It, Then It Is So!
Wired: Not Bastards (Yet)
What Foleo 2.0 Needs
HTC’s TouchFLO Interface: Paging Apple Legal!
Microsoft Soapbox: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
No Bail? For Passing Out A Flyer? What The Fuck Is This?
China: Will That Country Wind Up Killing Us All?
YouTube: God Hates Fags Documentary
YouTube: A Variety Of TV Things
A Sad Tomorrow
There’s No Target Around Me Yet (Store, That Is)
Dykon? Wasn’t That In An Episode Of Doctor Who?
Real Life Leaves Me Speechless
YouTube: A Forest In Winter
Right. I’m Calling The Cops On You Now.
Google Video: Two Gerry Anderson
Damn You, Warren Ellis!!!
Blogroll Addition: twittervision
Calendar Added To Blog
FSJ Provides Today’s Two Laughs
What Will It Look Like During A Crisis?
Barbie Bandits: The Merchandise
Hey You Old Bastards, Get In Line Behind Me!
Beemageddon: All Quiet On The Extinction Of Humankind Front
Abuse Of Power Still Lives In New York City
FCC: Fucking Corporate Collaborators
So This Is Why I Hate Most Post-CD Music!
China Does The Right Thing
In Space No One Can Smell Your Shit
China Wants To Join The Rest Of The World
The Fall Of London Design
It’s A Broken Swastika!
The Brits Can’t Do Logos Nor Can They Even Keep Their Nation!
YouTube: Young Anthony Hopkins
YouTube: Diana Rigg’s First TV Gig
Someone Tap Victor Gischler On His Noggin
Quote Of The Day
But The Original Search Term Was Chicks With Dicks
They Fuck Up A Logo, Give Their Country To Muslims, And Now Drive Redheads Mad!
CopyNazi Evasion Tactics
This Month’s Subhead
Going Offline
Sad Anniversary: The Death Of Dennis Potter, June 7, 1994
Three Weeks To iPhone Intro!
Playstation 2 Does Gerry Anderson
YouTube: Star Wars By Ed Wood Jr (If Only!)
YouTube: Home? I Have No Home. Hunted! Despised! Living Like An Animal! The Jungle Is My Home. But I Will Show The World That I Can Be Its Master! I Will Perfect My Own Race Of People. A Race Of Atomic Supermen Which Will Conquer The World!!!
Earth To YouTube: Increase Your Capacity, Dammit!
Bukowski’s Leftovers
When YouTube Fucks Up, It Fucks The Entire Internet!
Quote Of The Day
YouTube: Perversion For Profit
YouTube: Boy With The Incredible Brain Documentary
Blogroll Addition: International Noir Fiction
Derek Raymond: He Makes All Others Look Like Shit
Victor Gischler Has A New Internet Berth
I Gotta Have My Fucking Aneurysm Removed. Maybe My Whole Fucking Brain!
Who Do I Have To Beg To Get A Ticket?!!?
Scalzi Gives Me Another Reason Never To Want To Play Videogames
Now I Know Why Warren Ellis Is Mesmerized By Twittervision
Hitler Also Gives Me A Reason Not To Want To Play Videogames
The Only Thing Those Hacks At Filmation Did Right
YouTube: Project U.F.O.
YouTube: Fantastic Voyage
YouTube: Strike Force
YouTube: Diver Dan
Offline Now
YouTube: What The #$*! Do We Know!? Movie
Google Video: Free Documentaries
YouTube: Stephen Fry’s Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive
Quote Of The Day
Because I’m A Mean Bastard: Help Send Scalzi’s God-Ignorin’ Heathen Ass To The Creation Museum!!
Speaking Of…
Hire Me! I Make Great Decisions!
Quote Of The Day
P2P: You’re So Dead!
YouTube: Star Cops SPFX
Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast And Super Sick
That Last Post: Back To Firefox For Me!
Download Helper Just Updated
Scalzi Faces The True Horror Of Having Fans
Channel 101: Your Magic Touched Me Nights Series
iPhone Apps: The Beginning Of The Beginning
Earth To Palm: Change The Foleo’s Browser To Safari
Code Terrorists To Apple: Thanks For The Safari, D00ds!
Jobs Gets YouTube On iPhone — But Without Flash!
Quote Of The Day
Last Night I Saw The Secret On DVD
Tonight: Tuesday June 12 2007: Girls Don’t Cry @ The Bitter End, NYC 10:30PM
Girls Don’t Cry: Notes
China: Lost In Translation
Well Fuck You, You Snooty Bastard!
“Lockdown, USA,” A Documentary To Reform NY State Drug Law
Record Blog Traffic: Apple iPhone Vs. Palm Foleo
Video Monitor: Asleep On The Job
YouTube: Unreleased Barry Gray Music From Gerry Anderson Movie
iPhone: Add Your Comments To frog design Blog!
FSJ Gives Today’s Outrageously Funny Bellylaugh!
Quote Of The Day: John Scalzi, Undead-American
A Microsoft Photo That Encapsulates The Entire Frikkin World From Its Dim Past To Its Armageddon Future
Bless The Maker And His Water. Bless His Coming And Going.
Now I Just Might Boycott The iPhone
Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast But Still Super Sick
YouTube Underwent A Facelift!
Hey Japanese CopyNazis: Up Yours And In Your Face!
YouTube: Sara Brightman Requiem
Corporate TV: So Dead
P2P: BitTorrent Tutorial
Otaku Makes BanzaiPod!
YouTube: Cool Renault Car Commercial
Another Sign Of Impending Armageddon
Sing It, Wil Wheaton, Sing It Loud!
Official: Next Depression Via The Twilight Zone
YouTube Provides Today’s Bellylaugh
LifeDrive Notes: It’s Not All That. Yet(?).
Open For Comments: Should We Boycott The iPhone?
Treo-Skimming. A Post-iPhone Craze?
Weep For John Scalzi! Weep, I Say!
Live Stupid, Die Stupid
iPhone: No WiFi Without Data Contract?
Kenneth Che-Tew Eng: They Can’t Tell How Sick He Is
Two Weeks To iPhone
Get Up On Your Hind Legs, American! (Part One)
I Knew This Would Happen In The Future
Marty Krofft Q&A
It Should Be A Landfill. And Nothing But!
Sue Me. I’m A Man Who Likes Women.
This Is One Part Of The Secret — The Real Secret
More Police Abuse Of Power
Blogroll Addition: Bible Resources
The Secret: Don’t Be A Sucker
Another Note About The Secret: Victor Hugo
Quote Of The Day
Thank You Again, Ken Bruen!
YouTube: Utopia, Latest Doctor Who Is Up
The Secret: Another Bit Of The Real Secret
YouTube: Coronet Blue Theme Back Up!
Win, Plaintiffs, Win!
Oh My God This Is So Incredibly Surprising And Totally Unexpected: Sony To Close Connect Music And Video Services!!
VIA Touts Nanobook By Citing The Beat Gen Writers
YouTube: Gerry Anderson’s Stingray
Scalzi Is An Expensive Tart!
The Trauma Of My Childhood (One In An Infinite Series)
Apple Boosts iPhone Battery In Effort To Kill Me
YouTube: Gerry Anderson’s Very Rare Torchy
4/19/06: The Music Video
Today’s Cruel Vile Nasty But Still Damned Funny Laugh!
Ah, Now I’ll Never Have To Try Red Bullshit!
My Phony iPhone
YouTube: Goodfellas
LifeDrive Notes: iPhoney, Web Browsers
Wired: They’re Officially Bastards Now
Offline For Today
But Before I Go… A Mash Note
Barbie Bandits: Someone Email Me!
Red Alert: Mouth Rebellion
Where Is The New York State Attorney General And State/City Consumer Advocates To Kick Time Warner’s Ass?
The Secret: OMG! NYPL Has It For Me!
YouTube: What Happens When International Rescue Isn’t Called!
What I Demand To Know: WHICH Internet?!!?
LifeDrive Notes: More WiFi Unfun
FSJ Has Guts Like RSJ
Writer Barry Eisler: Rain’s Man
Ken Bruen To Get First David Goodis Award!
Author Christopher Fowler Torments Me With An Email
Sample Warren Ellis’s Upcoming Novel For Free
Having Any Cardiac Surgery? A Heart Bypass? Better Know This!
Is It Me Or Is It YahooMail?
You Mark These Words: YouTube Traffic Will Surpass P2P Traffic
So There It Is: The Mysterious Missing Twelfth iPhone App. It’s YouTube!
Who Will Die For An iPhone?
Quote Of The Day
YouTube: The Thin Man
I Have Readers Who Are Crueler Than Me
Whoa! That Was Fast!
Learn To Love The Subtitle. I Did.
Reference: Breitbart Now Does Video
The Advice I Was Given Last Night At An AT&T Store
Girls Don’t Cry At The Vintage Lounge, Levittown, NY Friday June 22, 2007 @ 10PM
The Visitors Are Coming!
Someone Got To Fondle An iPhone!
One Week To iPhone!
Diet Pepsi Max
Why Move Somewhere Else And Take Along Your Cultural Shit?
Shouldn’t There Be A Zombie Computer List?
Today’s Bellylaugh: Emo Student
Bah! Eejit Calls For A Fake iPhone Boycott!
YouTube: Seeing Things
YouTube: A Variety Of Goodies
Open For Comments: What Have You Found On YouTube?
Short Blogging Day
Girls Don’t Cry 10PM Tonight June 22 2007 At Vintage Lounge, Levittown, LI
Girls Don’t Cry Tomorrow Saturday June 23, 2007 7PM At The Knitting Factory In New York City
LifeDrive Notes: Palm Keyboard Vs. Human Brain
LifeDrive Notes: Final WiFi Unfun
Girls Don’t Cry: Unravelling The Knitting Factory
YouTube: Latest Doctor Who Is Gone, The Sound Of Drums
YouTube: T.H.E. CAT Intro
Blog Notes: YouTube Link Checking
YouTube: Original SF, Synk-RoNyzed
Hmmm… iPhone Line Waiters Wanted? I’m Up!
Our Government Regulators Are Fucking Sell-Out Corporate Tools
Everyone Involved In Tech Will Hang One Day
Warren Ellis Is Shocked, Shocked!
The Secret: I Can’t Finish Reading It!
We Should Have Been Dropping Fiber Into American Homes Instead Of Dropping Bombs In Iraq
YouTube: Brats Of The Lost Nebula WB Promo
YouTube: Some 1960s TV Greatness
That iPhone Demo Movie’s Sleight Of Facts
YouTube: Le Jazz Hot, Baby!
You Know What I Feel Like After Offering To Wait For Cash Money In The iPhone Line?
Oh, Look At The Pathetic Stalkers!
YouTube: The Horse’s Mouth
Failure Has A New Name
Some Ickhead Never Read This Blog Before
Praise The Lord And Pass The Insanity
YouTube: World Trade Center
Redundant Search Terms
Being Unmanly Is The New Manly
iPhone Owners: Please Do A Real Video
Girls Don’t Cry: Women’s Rights 2 Rock Festival
Two Days Before iDay, Has My Heart Been Stolen Away From The iPhone?
The Horror Of Allowing Comments
You See? It’s Not Just My Samsung Q1U Fondle!
iPhone In The Wild Pics
Richard Perez Sends Word Of His New Novel
Will Apple Steal The eBook Limelight From Sony And Create Another Mass Market?
AT&T Says: You Can Buy Just One iPhone From Us!
OK, Here It Is. The iPhone Bellylaugh.
You Must Hire Me To Stand In The iPhone Line For You. You Are In Grave Danger!
The Cable Modem Died
Jaysus! Less Than 24 Hours To iDay!!
Mucho Namaste To FSJ!
WP On iPhone?
OMG!! It’s iDay!!
Harlan Ellison Vs. Fantagraphics: Ended
The NYPL Should Just Take My SoulWill Apple’s Jealous Competitors Stop At Nothing To Ruin iDay?
iQuote Of The iDay
Saturday Will Be My iPhone Day!
Ooh. Neuros Brings YouTube To Your TV.
YouTube: Episode 1 of Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90
WTF? I Call For An iPhone Boycott And It’s Ignored, Yet…
Hey, You Suits: $18 CD = No Sale. Got That?
Just In Case: Eat Shit & Die, Wired!
Dear Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg And City Council Millionaires: Kiss My Ass, You Corporate Tool Motherfuckers!
Blog Notes: Closed Til I Get My Mitts On An iPhone!
I’ve Fondled The iPhone!!
3G Euro iPhone Announcement Monday? No Bloody Way!
New Social Bookmarking Site: Stirrdup
iPhone Top 10 Apps. Aw, Come On!
YouTube: iPhone Speed Typing
YouTube: iPhone Fondle Video
YouTube: Doctor Who, The Sound Of Drums, Is Back Up
iQuote Of The Post-iDay
iPhone Vs. LifeDrive Size


iPhone Vs. LifeDrive Size

June 30, 2007

Since I haven’t yet paid for more WordPress image storage space, I’m not able to run any of my iDay pictures. There’s one I’ve wanted everyone to see, so I sent it to many people in my email directory and offered sites the pic to post.

Sammy over at Palm Addict has posted the picture. My LifeDrive vs. the iPhone.

Weep, Palm, weep!

Thanks, Sammy!

iQuote Of The Post-iDay

June 30, 2007

After fiddling with it for an hour, I know how to work the iPhone better than the Nokia I had for the past 2 years, even though the Nokia has far less capabilities.

Quick iPhone review

Today, I had the misfortune of trying to figure out how to send a text message on someone’s brand-new Samsung phone. Oh. My. God. My eyes nearly melted when I wrestled with the piece of shit.

If you haven’t yet handled an iPhone, you just have no damned idea of how different Apple has made the cellphone. They have made a bigger leap with the iPhone than they made in computers with the original Macintosh.

Microsoft likes to brag about the IQ test they torment potential employees with. Apple has just made that entire company of test-passers look like a bunch of masturbating mentally-retarded autists. Hey, Microsoft, here’s a hint — the iPhone is what we all thought, instinctively, Origami was going to be!

Nokia thinks its premier position in the cellphone industry is impregnable. Hey, Nokia, you showed the world the extent of your tinythinking with those Anti-Internet Tablets. You are gone gone gone. Good riddance!

Palm will never understand what hit it. The Treo is going to be cheep cheep cheep — on ebay. The flood will be such that Palm could build an ark and float on the jillions of Treos put up for sale.

With the iPhone, it’s apparent that Apple began designing it with just two questions in mind throughout: What makes sense? and What feels natural?

YouTube: Doctor Who, The Sound Of Drums, Is Back Up

June 30, 2007

Clever new title…

Dr Who What The Country Needs,Right Now…Is A Doctor — that’s part one.

This is the user’s index.

Hey, Auntie Beeb! I love ya, but not enough to let you prevent Whovians from having their fix.

Update: Incredibly, this seems to be it as just one complete video! How’d that guy manage that?!

Update: As of July 9, 2007, both links have been subjected to a DMCA takedown.

Update: As of July 10, people are still coming to this post apparently in search of that episode. Read this. Then come back here. Must I draw you a diagram? Isn’t a hint good enough?

YouTube: iPhone Fondle Video

June 30, 2007

OK, here it is: a live fondle video someone did. Too bad it’s rotated 90-degrees(!), but you can at least see how fast things work for real, without cuts in the video.

This vaguely sounds like it was done at the Apple Store Soho…

YouTube: iPhone Speed Typing

June 30, 2007

Damn, this guy is good! A great video showing that someone who is already proficient in thumb-typing won’t have much trouble switching to the iPhone — as long as you also remember to use the word-completion feature!

I’m still hoping someone will do a YouTube vid based on my request.

iPhone Top 10 Apps. Aw, Come On!

June 30, 2007

Already? First, I’m surprised there are ten apps. Really!

Second, this list will probably change weekly!