No Blog Weekend

June 1, 2007

Really. I damn well hope so! I’ve got 2,600 Memos to sort away!

Oh. My. God. It’s June!!!

June 1, 2007

iPhone Month! iPhone Month! iPhone Month!


Enough of that shit.

Continue with your lives…

On This Date In Tech History: 2004, CLIE Gets Axed

June 1, 2007

Sony to Suspend Clie Handheld Line

Oh the irony.

I finally got my Memos into the LifeDrive, which means I can now retire my CLIE S320!

It’s sayonara all over again!

LifeDrive Notes: Should Palm’s Software Engineers Be Beaten With A Spiked Bat Or Tied Up Together And Dumped In The Ocean From 30,000 Feet?

June 1, 2007

Ah, that’s the question of the day after having to go through a third Quick Erase — and losing my videos!

OK, OK, maybe losing the videos was my own damned fault. It turns out I should have used the feklkin LifeDrive Manager. Now that the videos have gone to Electron Hell, I understand that the LifeDrive Manager is to manage the frikkin LifeDrive part of storage. Duh.

But I wouldn’t have had to learn this painful lesson had the goddammed Palm Desktop not mysteriously bloated the MemosDB!

After hacking away with my digital machete and pulling out 1.87MB of text that was then saved in WordPad and then deleting deleting deleting Memos so old they had mold growing on them, Windows kept reporting that the MemosDB was still 63MB! It wasn’t shrinking at all!

Looking around for Other Things To Try, I came across Export. Ah!

What I did was export all the Memos in a tab-delimited format. Then I pulled the original MemosDB file out of its folder. Then I reimported the exported Memos.

Guess what?

From 63MB, it shrunk to a svelte ~9MB!

And I lost all my Categories.

So I will have to go through about 2,600 Memos to recategorize them!

Now I don’t care how you slice it, that shit is the doing of Palm’s software engineers.

And they must be punished.

So, should it be a spiked baseball bat or a collective plunge into an ocean far far away from land?

Comment in the LifeDrive thread.

Hilarious Sitcom Line (From India!)

June 1, 2007

Update: Video no longer available when checked on October 10, 2008.

No oil! Only software!

Oh go see it [embedded Nautanki Flash video]. It’ll only take 1 minute 13 to hit the line. You’ll laugh too!

Safe for Work, Christians and Other Children.

–linkswipe via PuppetVision blog

Quote Of The Day

June 1, 2007

“Blessed are the hot chicks in camo for they shall inherit my jizz.”

Who else but The Rude Pundit?

LifeDrive Notes: Hand Me That Machete, Watson

June 1, 2007

Right. Bugger the CD-Rs. I can’t slog through the rest of them.

I’m going to wade into the MemosDB I have and see if I can trim out the underbrush.

I’m going to be out and about this weekend. I want my Memos!

Thing is, I have no bloody idea why it’s 63MB! They were originally on a 32MB TE. And the last email I sent to someone about moving to a new device stated I had 16MB of Memos…

If I’m not back by 4PM EDST, send out a search party. Call International Rescue!

Cupid: Marvelous Dialogue

June 1, 2007

Thanks to YouTube, I finally — just, oh, some nine years after it aired — saw the Pilot episode of Cupid.

Some wonderful dialogue in one scene:


You ever watch Fame? You know what I have in common with Bruno, Leroy and Coco? I’m gonna live forever. What about you, you gonna live forever? See it would saturate my pleasure glands to rip your skin off and make ponchos for the kids, so keep your paws off my shrink here because I’m a frustrated taxidermist and I’d love to go deep on ya. We on the same team butter bean?

Yep, despite what’s currently available of it on YouTube, I must have come across it some months ago and grabbed it then. I have the missing first part of the Pilot!

Cupid scripts (site infested with popups!)

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LifeDrive Notes: No Joy With Flash Player

June 1, 2007

I found a post instructing people to put Flash files in Palm/Programs/MMFlash on the SD.

I just tried it with a YouTube Flash vid. It still doesn’t show up in the Contents list.

Meanwhile, those silly cultists who cling to WinMob are now able to play YouTube vids using TCPMP.

–partial linkswipe from JK on the Run