Cupid: Marvelous Dialogue

Thanks to YouTube, I finally — just, oh, some nine years after it aired — saw the Pilot episode of Cupid.

Some wonderful dialogue in one scene:


You ever watch Fame? You know what I have in common with Bruno, Leroy and Coco? I’m gonna live forever. What about you, you gonna live forever? See it would saturate my pleasure glands to rip your skin off and make ponchos for the kids, so keep your paws off my shrink here because I’m a frustrated taxidermist and I’d love to go deep on ya. We on the same team butter bean?

Yep, despite what’s currently available of it on YouTube, I must have come across it some months ago and grabbed it then. I have the missing first part of the Pilot!

Cupid scripts (site infested with popups!)

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