Oh Look At This! My Apple-YouTube Prediction Will Come True!

Into the Wayback Machine, Sherman!

On March 8th, 2007, I posted Prediction: YouTube/Google Drop Flash Video and said:

And I mean “drop” in the damned traditional sense: discontinue. Not the fake-ghetto suburban-white-boy Eminem-hip-hop bass-ackward sense of “introduce.”

They’ll go with H.264.


Steve Jobs wants to conquer all of video too: The Great Apple Video Encoder Attack of 2007: Cupertino plans to add H.264 hardware support to its entire line.

OK, Sherman, let’s get back to the present day and look at YouTube To Dump Flash Video, Go H.264 For AppleTV.

What does it say?

David Moody, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Mac Marketing, says Google will drop Flash-based videos in YouTube in favor of streaming H.264 video– the format preferred by iTunes, Mac and Windows, and AppleTV.

Elementary, my dear Sherman!

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