YouTube: GI Joe 100-Episode Epic!

Episode 1 of 100 – Banned Robot Chicken-like Show


Welcome to GI JOE: The Epic Saga scene by scene! The web’s first series to have 100 episodes. When complete, this series will be over 3 hours long!

The Saga follows the epic journey of america’s favorite heroes, the GI Joes, and their battle against the world’s first evil terrorist orginization COBRA! The saga stars over 100 of your favorite toys and action figures that the Joes encounter along the way including Harry Potter, Gandalf, Edward Scissorhands, The Thundercats, Gumby, The Evil Emperor Zurg, and even the seven dwarves!

Become part of the net’s first epic adventure web series, as we release all of the episodes, all the way to 100!

Originally created by the Fine Brothers at

I watched episode 1. It looked promising. certainly livelier than any damned thing Filmation ever put out! There are 17 episodes available so far.

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