New York City: The iPhone Queue Club?

I am really beginning to feel the pull of the iPhone.

Who else is in New York City and plans to line up for it? Maybe all of us should get together to decide on which venue and then form an alliance, Survivor-like, to keep our spots on line so we can go off and do things like eat and pee?

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Update: Comments closed. Boy, do the spammers like to find weak spots to exploit. This was a magnet for spamments.

2 Responses to New York City: The iPhone Queue Club?

  1. Brant Sears says:

    Hi Mike. I am a Mac developer in the NYC area. I am attending WWDC this year and I am hopeful that Apple will make the iPhone available for developer at that event (and hopefully an SDK!). If not, I will be queuing up with you on June 29th!

  2. mikecane says:

    I am thinking of the AT&T store in lower Manhattan, a few blocks south of Wall Street. Unless people want to go crazy with a Woodstock-like event and try the Soho or uptown Apple Stores! (Me, I need to sign up as an AT&T customer!)

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