YouTube: The Final Option

Again and again the users of YouTube take my breath away!

A kick-ass killer clip from a killer kick-ass movie, The Final Option (UK title: Who Dares Wins).

Who Dares Wins – SAS Raid

A commando with the British Special Air Service (SAS) raids an American embassy where a radical political group has taken hostages. Some methods and tactics of the famed British anti-terrorist squad are shown.

(“Who Dares Wins” aka “The Final Option”)

I love this movie! So, of course!, it’s not available on DVD. I had to get an Asian import of it on DVD via ebay! Now, with this clip, I can have the wonderful raid on my LifeDrive!

This movie got panned like hell when it was released. Fuck the critics. It’s fantastic! I’m still looking for the Roy Budd soundtrack, dammit. It was once on LP. Never on CD.

A very sexy Judy Davis and a pre-Equalizer Edward Woodward!

This is yet one more example of how YouTube is killing P2P. I’d never find either this clip or the entire movie itself via P2P (as a legal owner of a DVD copy, I’d use the P2P copy to put on my LifeDrive since I currently lack DVD ripping capability).

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