Hey You Old Bastards, Get In Line Behind Me!

Stem cell treatment ‘to cure blindness in five years’

British scientists aim to deliver the world’s first stem-cell treatment for blindness within five years, it was announced today.

A team of researchers and clinicians will develop the use of embryonic stem cells to repair damaged retinas.

Their target is a disease called age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness among the elderly in the developed world.

What the fuck is the point?! They’re at the end of their lives! Start out repairing things like, oh I don’t know, astigmatism (which I, uh, only, you know, coincidentally happen to have!). so the not-near-dead (me!me!) can get rid of their fucking reading glasses and, you know, enjoy life!

But if you’re only going to use the old because, you know, the early treatments might be fatal, well then, I’ll wait…

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