Going Offline

June 6, 2007

No more blogging today.

I have a book by Derek Raymond and several by David Goodis.

Much more interesting and intelligent than this online bullshit.

Which of course includes my own online bullshit.

This Month’s Subhead

June 6, 2007

Is a line from a song called Until The End by a group called Breaking Benjamin.

I came across this song in an absolutely excellent music video (YouTube) someone did of the Fox TV series Millennium.

It turns out that’s a very popular song for music videos on YouTube! But the Millennium one is just fantastic.

Here’s the band’s website. And here they are captured on video playing the song live.

CopyNazi Evasion Tactics

June 6, 2007

Tips on how to not get busted for file-sharing

If you want to stay safe when downloading or sharing your favorite files online, the following tips wil help keep you from getting busted.

–linkswipe via reddit

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They Fuck Up A Logo, Give Their Country To Muslims, And Now Drive Redheads Mad!

June 6, 2007

Is gingerism as bad as racism?

What the fuck is up with England these days?

Next thing you know, you won’t be able to smoke in pubs. Oh wait…

Hey, Bamford, get the hell out of that place. It’s nuts!

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But The Original Search Term Was Chicks With Dicks

June 6, 2007

Ask.com Commercial: Now on YouTube

Wow. Another reason to avoid Corporate TV. Ads like this one!

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Quote Of The Day

June 6, 2007

Notes from the Resistance (that text part of Sinfest you never read!)

I’m driving along, right, and I approach this tunnel and whenever I drive under tunnels I pretend it’s a gigantic vagina and all the cars are little sperm cells swimming into it. Millions and millions of little sperm cars desperately searching for the mother ship. The S.S. Ovary.

Someone Tap Victor Gischler On His Noggin

June 6, 2007

Why didn’t you renew your domain name?!!?

I was just going through my Blogroll and saw my link for your site was bad (it pointed to John Straley; thank you for fucking up another link, Nokia 770!).

I Googled and poof! Your web address is kaput!

Please fix!