China Wants To Join The Rest Of The World

China calls for more testing of exports

BEIJING – China has released food and drug safety goals for the next five years, promising stronger surveillance and export controls that officials say will help improve China’s international image and relations.

Li Changjiang, head of China’s main food safety agency, said stricter measures were a “political responsibility” that all levels of government must take.

His remarks came as the State Council, China’s Cabinet, outlined its strategy to make food safety the “starting point and destination of all works.”

“Food safety is not only a problem related to law enforcement, but also related to the people’s health and safety, the country’s image, and also bilateral and multilateral political relationships,” said Li, director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

He spoke last week during an inspection tour of Shenzhen city in booming Guangdong province near Hong Kong, and his comments were posted on the agency’s Web site late Tuesday.

Both Li and Wei Chuanzhong, the administration’s deputy director, outlined measures that need to be imposed to guarantee the safety of exported food — including better inspections at food sources and ports, more random sample testing and greater cooperation with the United States.

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