I Gotta Have My Fucking Aneurysm Removed. Maybe My Whole Fucking Brain!

June 9, 2007

They cause me nothing but trouble.

Somehow, I get it into my head (god damn it!) to look for writers on MySpace and I discover there’s a shitload of them there.

Including Victor Gischler! (Bad, bad Victor for not letting me know! Now Add me!)

If you’re a published writer on MySpace Add me and I hope to eventually get around to reading your stuff and flogging shilling maybe writing about it here. My Reading Queue is looooong and positions in it are idiosyncratic (it helps if the NYPL has your stuff in!).

I’m the one with the poverty homepage who can’t figure out fucking Step One about using MySpace. Really, it’s all I can do to reply to email and request an Add!

I hope this is my MySpace URL. (Update: Fixed.)

At some point I’d like to do a list in this blog of writers who are on MySpace.

Victor Gischler Has A New Internet Berth

June 9, 2007

Victor Gischler’s Blogpocalypse
(cyber home of an author-ish sort of guy)

Well this is frikkin eerie. When I was thinking about the name for this goddammed blog, I was really thinking of calling it Blogpocalypse. But two things stopped me:

1) Warren Ellis‘s posts about Avian Flu were called Flupocalypse (which influenced me using Beemageddon for my bee posts).

2) The URL would have been too much for me to type, for other people to type, and I’d get sick of spelling it out to people.

But enough about me me me.

Victor Gischler is a writer I learned about from one of the most generous writers around, Ken Bruen. Bruen quoted Gischler’s books several times in his own novels and, I think, might have even had a character buying Gischler’s books. Well, anyone Bruen reads is someone I have to check out too.

And I’m damned glad I did!

Gischler does breathtaking, breakneck plotting of the kind that I don’t think has been done since the heyday of Cornell Woolrich. It’s truly amazing shit that will make you go dizzy! But while Woolrich’s work was always tinged with a sensitive melancholia, Gischler shares Bill Bryson‘s knack for going at things with all-out flat-out floor-the-pedal two-fisted gusto. It’s like taking a ride on a roller coaster designed by someone who’s totally and gleefully insane and wants you to share his crackpot state of mind. That Gischler is apparently sober and sane makes his work all the more remarkable!

After reading the work of Derek Raymond (and you damn well better!), you’ll want an exit from the gloom. Gischler is the way out. The way, way out!