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Fantastic Voyage (1968) – OPENING

“Fantastic Voyage” (1968) was an animated cartoon.

Narrator: [opening narration] “Headquarters: CMDF, Combined Miniature Defense Force. Project: Fantastic Voyage. Process: Miniaturization. Authority: Top Secret, highest clearance. Team: Jonathan Kidd, Commander. Guru, master of mysterious powers. Erica Lane, doctor/biologist. Busby Birdwell, scientist/inventor, builder of the Voyager. Mission: In their miniaturized form, combat the unseen, unsuspected enemies of freedom. Time Limit: 12 hours.”

Starring (the voices of): Marvin Miller as Busby Birdwell/Guru/The Chief, Jane Webb as Erica Lane, Ted Knight as Commander Jonathan Kidd/Professor Carter/Narrator.

Christ Almighty. Grown men did this shit. They should have been selling fabric — why not? They probably sold their fucking non-animation by the yard!

At least this series didn’t have a dumb fucking monkey or some other smartass puke-inducing animal in it. Oh wait … maybe that was Hanna-Barbera‘s bullshit trademark…

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