YouTube: Strike Force

Yes! Now this is something to see! Actors doing ridiculous stunts that no real cop could ever pull off. Combine it with a militaristic up-tempo theme (unfortunately marred by some sicko disco tweets; the last gasp of the it-don’t-wanna-die-1970s) and it all leads into a series that provoked universal howls of protest, garnering the series this accolade: “…the most violent in American TV history.”

Oh of course it was shit. But it was bad fun shit.

Strike Force (1981) – OPENING

Strike Force (1981) opening. Police detectives are part of an elite “Strike Force” which solves crimes that no one else can. Starring; Robert Stack as Capt. Frank Murphy, Richard Romanus as Lt. Charlie Gunzer, Herb Edelman as Commissioner Herb Klein, Michael Goodwin as Sgt. Mark Osborne, Dorian Harewood as Sgt. Paul Strobber, Trisha Noble as Sgt. Rosie Johnson.


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