Because I’m A Mean Bastard: Help Send Scalzi’s God-Ignorin’ Heathen Ass To The Creation Museum!!

June 10, 2007

Read Creation in My Own Backyard

Then read All Right, Fine, I Will Go to The Creation Museum… IF…

Then read Yabba Dabba Disturbing

And donate!

I can think of no other writer who lives so close to that museum who could do a better job of writing about than Scalzi.

Send him send him send him!

And, Scalzi, bring a friggin coconut for the poor baby dinos!

Quote Of The Day

June 10, 2007

Eng is clearly deranged. Slutty white women are one of the the best attributes of the white race.

Kenneth Eng’s Mental Examination: Why He Hates Blacks

YouTube: Stephen Fry’s Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive

June 10, 2007

Update: As of October 9, 2008, when I checked, this was no longer available on YouTube.

I’ve been waiting waiting waiting for P2P to send me drips and drabs of this.

Bugger that!

Found it on YouTube!

P2P is on its last legs. You hear that, MPAA?

This is the user’s index. Its title is encrypted as SLOTMD and it has 14 parts.

Google Video: Free Documentaries

June 10, 2007

Matthew St. Amand sent me this link. There’s also a blog.

An incredible variety there. All free.

Includes Nerds 2.01!

YouTube: What The #$*! Do We Know!? Movie

June 10, 2007

It looks like someone put up the entire movie.

This is the user’s index.