iPhone Apps: The Beginning Of The Beginning

I can’t say I’m happy about iPhone apps really being fake apps, boxed into Safari and accessed via the Net…

Safari development for the iPhone

Suppose that Apple had gone the other way and delivered an SDK. Apple doesn’t see the iPhone as a Mac-only kind of product. They’d want to enable Windows shops to develop applications for the iPhone as well. That’s a daunting proposition and one that would be sure to leave out large populations of programmers who don’t want to learn the intricacies of programming on OS X. How many people do you know who figured out how to write applications for the Palm? Exactly.

Why did Apple CEO Steve Jobs release Safari for Windows?

Steve Jobs, by releasing Safari to Windows, has laid the foundation for the next major computing platform which will be Web-based, built for Safari, mobile, and Apple’s.

Ajax on the iPhone

Hello, people! This is HUGE! I mean, when I first heard about the iPhone’s browser I assumed it would be hobbled somehow, with limited JavaScript and probably no XMLHttpRequest. The demos on Apple’s site always showed the New York Times, which is a static website if ever there was one. To hear that Apple is positioning the iPhone browser not just as a web reader, but as a platform for applications, means that the mobile web can finally start to come to life.

iPhone Development – Innovative, or a Cop-Out?

This web based concept, at least in its current form, is also very anti-Apple from a simplicity standpoint. Instead of pressing a button to launch the application you need, you’re going to have to open a web browser, open your bookmarks, then click on the application you want – then (in most cases I would assume) you’re going to have to log in to said application.

The only “web app” I use is the WordPress Dashboard, where 90% of the time I do blog entries directly into it. Do you know how many fekkin times this thing has burped and I’ve lost text? Too many times! The text doesn’t reside locally on my PC. It is passed — or is supposed to be passed — to a WordPress server. There is also a timed autosave — but sometimes that has gone south too, and I’ve wound up losing entire posts. Some of which were quite involved with links and the like!

Now the iPhone is telling me that that is the way to have apps?

I don’t think so.

I think Jobs is doing this to get at least some apps going for the iPhone, even if they’re all fake. By the end of this year — or at next year’s January MacWorld Expo — I expect a full-blown SDK to be released which will permit devs acess to OS X. By then even diehard Windows devs will see what the potential market is to create native iPhone apps.

And, even before then, I’m expecting Apple to release some iPhone native OS X apps. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some announcements about Apple acquiring apps from other companies — that they’ll then port to the iPhone.

Apple won’t be satisfied with revenue from iPhone hardware sales and iTunes Store sales. There’s much to be made being the first to offer native iPhone OS X apps. I think this is a hint of that:

To set up your iPhone, you’ll need an account with Apple’s iTunes Store. If you already have an iTunes account, make sure you know your account name and password. If you don’t have an account, you should set one up now to save time later. To set up an account, launch iTunes, select the iTunes Store, and click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of iTunes. Sign in and you’re ready to go.

Let me get my requests in: I want blogging software and some sort of text editor. And a Bluetooth keyboard connection!

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    We can write our own apps on our favorite phon…

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