Last Night I Saw The Secret On DVD

Nice production values.

But The Secret is nothing but a big, bloated infomercial for those who appear in it to shill their “teachings.” I kept wondering, Who are these people? How come I’ve never heard of just about all of them before? Why were they chosen to appear in this?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who appeared in that movie were product placements. They got there because of an amount of money they put up to finance the film, or agreed to a cut of the profits they expected to reap in their individual enterprises as fallout from the movie.

It also wasn’t what I expected!

I really expected more of a documentary about the source book, The Science of Getting Rich, its author Wallace Wattles, and how Rhonda Byrne personally turned her life around after encountering that book.

There was none of that!

It wasn’t a documentary. This is a documentary. If it had been a documentary, it would have traced — with convincing evidence! — the alleged path of “the secret” that it dramatized (what was that, ancient Sumer or Babylon? where those the Knights Templar? and which Pope was that?). The Secret was an infomercial.

And The Secret is bullshit. On so many levels.

Before you get sucked into this con game, read Secret teacher’s personal life — the epitome of hypocrisy and study — no, really study! — Steve Salerno’s SHAMblog. Get his book too.

If you want to believe in the Law of Attraction, use it first to attract wisdom. Get Salerno’s book.

Update, additional: The Secret of The Secret’s Success

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