Now I Just Might Boycott The iPhone

June 13, 2007

AT&T is selling the iPhone.

I don’t like what AT&T is going to do.

Thus Apple will take the hit.

No, really. What’s a shiny new iPhone compared to keeping these CopyNazis off our necks?

I can buy an iPhone anytime. But I can’t restore lost freedom.

Bless The Maker And His Water. Bless His Coming And Going.

June 13, 2007

Kefitzat Haderech

–linkswipe via Warren Ellis (goddam, how is he everywhere? Maybe this explains it!)

A Microsoft Photo That Encapsulates The Entire Frikkin World From Its Dim Past To Its Armageddon Future

June 13, 2007

Who are these people?

Look. Just look. If it all doesn’t pop out at you, you shouldn’t be reading this blog.

No. I won’t tell you.

So don’t email and ask.

–linkswipe from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Quote Of The Day: John Scalzi, Undead-American

June 13, 2007

INTERVIEW: Zombie John Scalzi

Also, clearly, I’m going to have to start writing about the prejudices the pre-dead have against us.

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FSJ Gives Today’s Outrageously Funny Bellylaugh!

June 13, 2007

Oh this is so so so so good!

Safe for Work, Possibly Problematic for Christians and Other Children.

Update: She asked to have it removed.

Dammit! I should have FURLed it. It was soooo funny!!!

iPhone: Add Your Comments To frog design Blog!

June 13, 2007

iPhone a Potential Boon for Web Developers

In light of the WWDC announcement of iPhone apps really being web-based fake apps, I emailed the frog design blog that posted the above article and asked if they would update it. For now, they have reopened Comments to the original article.

Add your voice!

YouTube: Unreleased Barry Gray Music From Gerry Anderson Movie

June 13, 2007

Journey to the far side of the Sun – DJ Mark Almond

Ambient track to chill out with, an unreleased track used in the 1969 movie by Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson, Journey to the far side of the Sun. Nice!

The video sucks, but it’s Barry Gray music!!

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